Wednesday, February 4, 2015



You live in me.
I opened my Self to you many years ago.
I invited you in, delighted that your RSVP was an enthusiastic yes.

We quickly became lovers without love.
Perhaps our relationship would be better described as symbiotic.
The thing is I don't know if you feed off of me, or if I feed off of you.

I guess it doesn't matter as long as we stay together.
I'm willing to give you up, to go it alone, but you won't leave.
No matter how often I'm accused of being you, we are one because you want it that way.

If I went into the woods, as Gretel not even with Hansel, you would find me.
You know that without you I would no longer be complete.
I would be artistically anorexic.

I need you.
You need me.



  1. Stop it; you're supposed to be editing somewhere. (smile)

  2. I think we all have a little evil in us. No one can be all good all the time. Right now I think my family is evil for having no carbohydrates in the house. Great poem.

  3. Wow Janie this is incredible. GREAT job :)

  4. There are degrees of evil. Low level evil, like taking that last cookie from the break room even though you know that guy in Accounting didn't have one, that's okay, I can accept that level of evil. But then there's the murder type of evil. I hope it's not the murder type of evil that you're embracing. Oh my god, is this a confession?!? Are you a murderer, a very poetic murderer!?!

  5. Interesting. I think we all have a dark side and it's our job to contain it, or use it in the production of art and writing.

  6. Every living human has the good angle/bad angle on the shoulders. And listening to the evil one is the easiest and most fun.

  7. Wow! I might have a symbiotic relationship with Evil, too.
    Featured you on my List of Very inspirational Bloggers today!

  8. I love this! Very powerfully written.

  9. Wowsa! Powerful words. I hope Evil can be banished eventually. Hugs to you.

  10. Janie, this soooooo good. Pour it out. Let it flow. I know evil.

  11. Interesting play on "live" and "evil"!

  12. Wow! Excellent poem and very thought provoking...and so true as we all have this in us and we battle with evil without even knowing sometimes

  13. Sadistic, but I absolutely love this. There's definitely a hint of the sinister in any good writing, eh? How can we see the good without the bad?

  14. Live reversed is evil. I never noticed that.

  15. Sorry? Feeling a bit thick this evening, need explanation.

  16. And to think that some people just go to the dark side sans poetry.They're lazy. (Love it).
    Love, love, love,
    Cherdo Cherdo Cherdo


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