Monday, November 30, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Michele of Angels Bark and I teamed up to create The Great Thanksgiving Accent Gem Designs Giveaway with this Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It's easy to enter, but as you can see by the number of hours remaining at the top of the Rafflecopter, you don't have much time left. So U.S. residents (ONLY), get your entries in. We'd love to give you a prize, such as this beautiful bracelet and earrings set made by Michele:

I can attest to the quality of Michele's work because I own some jewelry she made, and it's great. She uses beautiful, natural gemstones. Every purchase includes information about the healing powers of the gemstones Michele uses.

Other prizes are a $15 gift certificate for use at Accent Gem Designs; and one physical copy of each of these three books: The Amaranthine by Murees Dupe, Sophie Writes A Love Story by Linda Kay, and Creating A Joyful Life by Jennifer Williams-Fields.

That's five opportunities to win a prize. Winners will be chosen at random by the Rafflecopter. No purchase necessary to enter, but I urge you to get some of your holiday shopping out of the way with lovely jewelry made by Michele.

I edited all the books we're giving away. Besides calling attention to Michele's beautiful jewelry, I hope you'll notice during the coming weeks that I'll make changes to my blog so it's more writing oriented.

Michele has another offer for you, too. Through the end of Cyber Monday (today), you can use the coupon code word JUNEBUG to get 15% off your purchase at Accent Gem Designs.

Why subject yourself to crowded parking lots, busy stores, and long lines at the post office? Michele will gift wrap your purchases and ship them to multiple addresses in the U.S.

We're sorry, but we have to limit entries in the Rafflecopter and purchases from Accent Gem Designs to those of you who have a mailing address in the United States.

I look forward to sending prizes to our winners. I've enjoyed your entries.

See you soon with the names of the winners, and my next Battle of the Bands. Michele participates in Battle of the Bands, too. That's how we met!

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Friday, November 27, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Because Michele of Angels Bark and I have two special offers for you, and both concern the jewelry she makes and sells online at Accent Gem Designs, Penelope and Franklin want to get involved. They get their noses into everything, including places on my body I don't want to discuss. Let's just say I can't bend over to pick up the soap.

Before I turn over the blog to Penelope and Franklin, I'll tell you what the two offers are. First, you can shop at Accent Gem Designs and use the coupon code word JUNEBUG to get 15% off your order. Michele will wrap your gifts and ship them to multiple addresses in the U.S. only.

We also have a Rafflecopter you can use to enter our Great Thanksgiving Accent Gem Designs Giveaway, also open to U.S. residents only, unless you have an address in the U.S. where you want the package to be sent. 
We're sorry we can't ship to the rest of the world, but the cost was prohibitive.

Here's the Rafflecopter, which is available until midnight, Dec. 1st:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now the little lady gets to write to you first:

hi i am penelope it was thanksgiving i don't know what that means

now it's black friday i wonder if it's because franklin and i have lots of black fur

i want to tell you about jewelry i never saw jewelry till i met mom she gave me my own jewelry to wear everyday i have a green necklecircle with charms that tell where i live this me with my necklecircle that is green sorry i moved me head when nice mom lady took picture she say penelope that's me is never still

nice michele lady who live far away sent jewelry to nice mom lady i want to try on jewelry so much that mom let me i have on bracelet but wear like necklecircle and hang earrings from necklecircle

i am pretty feel so pretty with blue and gold necklecircle and earrings nice mom lady say pierced ears not right for doggy that is fine i like to wear the pretties on my neck

nice mom lady say i am prettiest little penelope in the whole world now my brudder franklin want to write about jewelry 

Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! It's me! It's me! It's me! I'm Franklin the Bordernese. Did you see I have a little sister now? She has the same color fur as me, but her fur is short, and mine is long. Her legs are short, and mine are long. We play chase in the yard, and we cuddle when we nap in Mom's office.

Penelope is little, so I hafta take care of her.

I'm a big guy, but I like jewelry, too. One time Mom let me wear a pretty necklace. After we got jewelry from Michele, Mom let me wear a pretty bracelet.

See me look at you upside down? I had my head on Mom's leg, so she took the pitcher of me looking up at her.

Here's a pitcher of me wearing a bootiful blue bracelet with a white flower.

I wish I could wear it all the time, but Mom said it would fall off outside and get lost in Lake Junebug.

Me and my little sister Penelope like wearing Michele's jewelry that she makes herself.

We gotta go now. We're gonna play chase around the bush, just like me and Harper did before he went to heaven. Mom always says that someday we will all be in heaven, and Faulkner The Original Dog will be there waiting for us.

I hope you can all get some jewelry!

Okay I love you bye-bye.

This is me after we played chase around the bush and I needed to rest. Penelope is fast. See? Mom let me wear the bracelet again.

Bye! Bye! Bye!

Franklin the Bordernese

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

We wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.

Infinities of love,

Janie, Franklin, and Penelope

While everyone else watches that boring game with the ball that looks like a large potato, you can get some of your Christmas shopping done very easily by going to Michele's shop, Accent Gem Designs. With the coupon code word, JUNEBUG, you get 15% off your order. Michele, who blogs at Angels Bark, will gift wrap and ship your purchases to multiple location in the U.S.

AND if you're a U.S. resident or have a U.S. mailing address, you can enter 

The Great Thanksgiving Accent Gem Designs Giveaway

Please use the Rafflecopter to enter. The more activities you complete, the more entries you have. No purchase necessary. The Rafflecopter is available until midnight on December 1st. Winners will be chose at random after the Rafflecopter closes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Every year I have my Christmas shopping finished before Cyber Monday because I use Black Friday to shop online at home. No way will I go out to those crowded stores and stand in line to buy the same stuff everybody else gets when I can shop at cool sites such as Michele's Accent Gem Designs.

Michele's designs are unique and beautiful. She'll gift wrap your purchases and ship them to multiple addresses in the U.S.

She has gemstone pendants in sterling silver, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and jewelry sets. All beaded bracelets and earrings are handcrafted by Michele with fabulous natural gemstones. Each purchase includes an information sheet detailing the healing and metaphysical properties of the gemstones. These are great gifts for friends and relatives, or get something for yourself. Guys, the ladies in your life will love Michele's designs.

Michele currently offers a price break, too, to all you fortunate friends of Janie Junebug (moi). You can have 15% off your purchase when you enter the coupon code word JUNEBUG.

Michele and I also have a Rafflecopter you can use to enter The Great Thanksgiving Accent Gem Designs Giveaway. *Please note: Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Here is the bracelet and earrings set that Michele is so generously giving to a Rafflecopter winner:

We're also giving away a $15 credit to use for a purchase at Accent Gem Designs, and three books I edited--all written by bloggers.

The books are

Now, here's the Rafflecopter that you U.S. residents can use to try to win a prize, but I heartily recommend shopping at Accent Gem Designs while you wait for the Rafflecopter to end on December 1st.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Monday, November 23, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

I'm teaming up with Michele, who blogs at Angels Bark and makes beautiful jewelry for her shop Accent Gem Designs, to make your Christmas shopping easy and to give away some cool prizes.

The Rafflecopter is now ready for entries. The more activities you do, the better your chances of winning. *Please note that the giveaway is open to U.S. residents only--unless you live someplace else, but have a U.S. address where a prize can be shipped.

These are the prizes:

1. Tiger's Eye and Blue Aventurine Stretch Bracelet and Earrings Set from Accent Gem Designs (a $35 value)

2. A $15 credit to use when you shop at Accent Gem Designs

3. A physical copy of The Amaranthine by Murees Dupe, edited by Janie Junebug

4. A physical copy of Sophie Writes a Love Story by Linda Kay, edited by Janie Junebug

5. A physical copy of Creating a Joyful Life by Jennifer Williams-Fields, edited by Janie Junebug

I suspect the photo of the bracelet and earrings will entice you to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Michele is also very generously offering a 15% discount off your purchase at Accent Gem Designs when you enter the coupon code word JUNEBUG. Avoid the crowded stores and parking lot traffic jams by shopping online at Accent Gem Designs. You can even avoid the long lines at the post office. Michele will gift wrap your purchases and ship to multiple addresses in the U.S.

I have some jewelry made by Michele. I can attest to its quality and beauty.

I hope you'll take note of my new Janie Junebug Righting & Editing title on my blog (if you followed WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME, then please change your blogroll to Janie Junebug Righting & Editing). I want to call attention to some changes coming up on my blog that I hope will help you out. We'll have a stronger focus on writing and publishing tips. I'll answer your grammatical questions, too.

But don't worry--we'll still have MOVIE WEEKEND and posts by Franklin or Penelope when they're in the mood to write.

Penelope hopes she'll find some
Accent Gem Designs jewelry in
her very first Christmas stocking.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

P.S. If you have any problems entering the giveaway, please let me know. We're still working out the kinks.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


It's almost time for The Great Accent Gem Designs Giveaway, hosted by Michele of Angels Bark and Janie of Janie Junebug Righting & Editing. We have some great prizes for you, and we hope to make your Christmas shopping easier.

I asked Michele if we could have this giveaway because I want to call attention to the beautiful jewelry she makes. I also hope you'll notice that I've changed the title of my blog to Janie Junebug Righting & Editing. The title change is one of the first steps in making my blog more writing oriented so I can answer your grammatical questions, give you writing tips, and bring in folks to write guest posts about how they publish their books.

You have to use the Rafflecopter to enter the giveaway. We have a variety of activities for you to perform so you can earn entries. We hope you have fun, and we look forward to giving you cool prizes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Hey! The upcoming week will be great. The turkey thaws in the refrigerator as I write. I have a giveaway in the works with Michele, who blogs at Angels Bark, with great prizes and a discount in Michele's online shop, Accent Gem Designs. Her jewelry is to die for, and she makes every piece with love. Watch for the Rafflecopter, and spread the news.

Before I tell you the results for the November 15, 2015, Battle of the Bands, I have a request. In your blog rolls and anyplace else that's regularly visible on your blogs, where you have the title WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME, please change it to Janie Junebug Righting & Editing.

Thank you. That is not all.

BOTB: The song is This Land Is Your Land. The contenders are Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen. Woody wins easily. He is THE BOSS of The Boss.

I loved sharing information about Woody with you during this battle.

Final Count:

Woody Guthrie     25
Bruce Springsteen 4

Will someone please comfort Cherdo (of Cherdo On The Flipside)? I live in Florida; Cherdo lives in Tennessee. I can hear her sobbing. Remember, she is a big Bruce fan, 

Cherdo, please, I need some sleep. Penelope says if you are quiet, then you can bring Gonzo to live with us and be my new son when he has recovered. In exchange for the gift of Gonzo, Penelope might allow you to pet her.

Oh, Woody Guthrie, we love you so. You are an American icon.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Woody wrote many songs for children. This is one:

Friday, November 20, 2015


hello my name is penelope or sometimes penny

i was born under a house in Georgia i was there a little while a nice lady rescued me and my mom and my brothers and sisters the nice lady rescues lots of dogs and tries to help them find homes where they will have a good life

i lived in a kennel with another dog for a long time i thought i would live there furever but a few weeks ago another nice lady showed up she hugged me and said my name is mom

then she put me in her car and drove me to florida i live with mom now

i have learned a lot mom says she is proud of me

i have a brother here his name is franklin

franklin is nice to me we is friends

everything is new and confoosing i do not like all the loud noises outside mom says it is work on a house she hopes they will be done soon maybe i be less scairt

mom feeds me and takes me to the vet man for my shots they don't hurt very much i have a microchip too don't ever want to get lost

i like this new mom but i like someone else a whole lot too

a very tall man with paintings on his skin comes to visit he picks me up and i sit on his lap last night i sat on his lap and watched a movie

i didn't understand the movie but i like the tall man he holds me just right

another man comes to visit too i don't know him much but he is nice to me

the mom lady says she has something special coming up for peoples who visits her blog there will be presents like a party i have never been to a party but mom gives me presents i have toys to chew on i have a comfy crate where i like to sleep at night during day i stays close to mom while she makes her tapping and clicking noises on the machine she says nice things to me all the time and never gets mad

she hopes i will want to sleep in the bed with her i am not ready to be up high on a bed yet

i don't know who you are out there but i have a question

do you think i will stay here i think i would like that especially if the noisy men go away and the tall man keeps coming to visit me mom kisses me too

i like quiet i do not bark i am not sure if i remember how to bark i made a noise one night mom said it sounded like a moo cow and a donkey bray 

maybe i bark someday

remember mom's blog has a new name and she and another lady are going to give away beautiful presents that is nice 

mom says i am not one of the presents she says i am a treasure

when we wake up in the morning she says to me you are as shiny and pretty as a new penny

i think we will all be friends will you be my friends i hope so

i be right here if you want to talk to me

your friend to be,


Thursday, November 19, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

If you take a look at the top of this page, you'll see that I've changed the title of my blog to Janie Junebug Righting & Editing. I still have the same URL. If you slip up and use the former title, I'll understand. I had the same title for a long time.

My new title reflects some changes I want to make to my blog so it's more writing oriented. But I'll continue to write MOVIE WEEKEND as regularly as I can, and when Franklin and Penelope are in the mood to write, they will help with blogging duties on Fridays.

Fishducky discovered the following image and sent it to me:

I'll see you soon with some fun news.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Many of you know by now that my current Battle of the Bands pits Woody Guthrie against Bruce Springsteen on This Land Is Your Land, which Guthrie wrote in 1940.

To see the BOTB post and vote for Guthrie or Springsteen, please click HERE.

While we wait for the results on Nov. 21 (I already know the results; Bruce is getting the butt kicking of his life), I'll tell you five facts about Guthrie (source: Wikipedia), and one about Springsteen (source: Cherdo's story).

Five facts about Woody Guthrie:
  1. Woodrow Wilson Guthrie was born July 14, 1912, in Okemah, Oklahoma. 
  2. When Woody was fourteen, his mother, Nora, was committed to the Oklahoma Hospital for the Insane because she had Huntington's Disease. Charley Guthrie, Woody's father, was in Texas, working to pay off debts. Woody and his siblings were on their own in Oklahoma and had to fend for themselves.
  3. Fire played a major role in Woody Guthrie's life. When he was seven, his sister Clara died in a coal-oil fire. Later, Woody's father was badly burned in another coal-oil fire. When Woody's daughter Cathy was four, she died in a fire that was a freak accident. Later in Woody's life, gasoline used to start a fire exploded and injured his arm so severely that he could no longer play the guitar.
  4. Woody Guthrie was the roamer and rambler as he describes the persona in what is probably the most famous of the hundreds of songs he wrote, This Land Is Your Land. He was married and divorced three times and had eight children. Three of the children survive. 
  5. In 1956, Guthrie had to be hospitalized because he had Huntington's Disease--a hereditary illness. Two of his daughters from his first marriage died from Huntington's. One son and two daughters died too young to know if they had Huntington's. Woody Guthrie died in 1967 at the age of 55. His most faithful visitors during his eleven-year hospitalization were his second wife; some of his children, including Arlo Guthrie, who is a well-known singer and songwriter in his own right; and 19-year-old Bob Dylan.
Woody Guthrie in 1943

Now, one fact about Bruce Springsteen:

My good friend Cherdo, who blogs at Cherdo on the Flipside, is in love with Bruce Springsteen and once figured out where his house was. On a dare, she went toward the front door to knock and was intercepted by security.

I'm sorry Bruce didn't come out to meet you, Cherdo.

Bruce Springsteen in 1973

Today, I ask a variety of singers to serenade you with This Land Is Your Land. Sing us out, please, gang.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

These are the original lyrics to This Land as Woody Guthrie wrote them on a piece of paper on February 23 (my birthday), 1940 (not the year of my birth--not even close):

This land is your land, this land is my land
From the California to the Staten New York Island,
From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf stream waters,
God blessed America for me.
[This land was made for you and me.]
As I went walking that ribbon of highway
And saw above me that endless skyway,
And saw below me the golden valley, I said:
God blessed America for me.
[This land was made for you and me.]
I roamed and rambled and followed my footsteps
To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts,
And all around me, a voice was sounding:
God blessed America for me.
[This land was made for you and me.]
Was a high wall there that tried to stop me
A sign was painted said: Private Property,
But on the back side it didn't say nothing —
God blessed America for me.
[This land was made for you and me.]
When the sun come shining, then I was strolling
In wheat fields waving and dust clouds rolling;
The voice was chanting as the fog was lifting:
God blessed America for me.
[This land was made for you and me.]
One bright sunny morning in the shadow of the steeple
By the Relief Office I saw my people —
As they stood hungry, I stood there wondering if
God blessed America for me.
[This land was made for you and me.]
(Source: Wikipedia)

I cannot find when the title was changed from This Land to This Land Is Your Land.

I remember when I was in elementary school that it was the very first song in our music book. It came before The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America and My Country 'Tis of Thee. I knew it had to be an important song.

What I didn't know was that our music book left out the more "controversial" verses about the high wall meant to stop people from going where they wanted and about the hungry people by the Relief Office.
I learned those verses when I became an adult. I heard Arlo Guthrie, Woody's son, recount the story of his father when he was near death from Huntington's disease in 1967. Woody insisted that Arlo write out ALL the verses to This Land Is Your Land. Many singers, including Arlo and Pete Seeger, made a special effort to sing the lyrics as Woody Guthrie wrote them.

However, folk singers often sing a song one way on a particular day, and then the next day they might change the lyrics. At times, Woody himself changed the lyrics to his songs.

Who owns This Land Is Your Land? Various organizations claim ownership because the song wasn't copyrighted for quite some time. Later, the copyright was allowed to lapse. Here's how Woody wrote the copyright:

“This song is Copyrighted in U.S., under Seal of Copyright # 154085, for a period of 28 years, and anybody caught singin it without our permission, will be mighty good friends of ourn, cause we don’t give a dern. Publish it. Write it. Sing it. Swing to it. Yodel it. We wrote it, that’s all we wanted to do.”

Because so many artists have covered this song, I ask a different person to sing it for us each day. How about it, Sharon Jones? Will you sing us out?

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

P.S. You can vote in my Battle of the Bands HERE until midnight EST, Nov. 20. I'll announce the winner the next day. The two contenders are Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen. If you're a Springsteen lover, then you better get over there to vote for him. BRUCE GETS TROUNCED might be the headline with the way the battle is headed.

If I'd known about Sharon Jones, I might have chosen her over Springsteen.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

I chose This Land Is Your Land for my current Battle of the Bands. To see the contenders and vote, please click HERE.

When I created the battle, I promised to tell you more about the song. Although most of the information I'll give you comes from Wikipedia, I heard much of it in documentaries about Woody Guthrie, who wrote Land in 1940.

Guthrie didn't record Land until 1944 because he set it aside and forgot about it, according to Joe Klein, author of Woody Guthrie: A Life. It didn't come under the protection of copyright law until 1951.

After seeing the way so many people in the U.S. suffered during the depression, Guthrie felt disgusted with Irving Berlin's God Bless America, and he didn't care to hear Kate Smith singing it on the radio all the time. God Bless America didn't seem realistic.

He set out to write a song that would be an answer to God Bless America. At first, he called it God Blessed America. Then he wrote the title as This Land Was Made For You and Me. Yes, he drew a line through those words, so the title at the time was This Land.

He used much of the same melody as a Baptist gospel hymn that had been the basis for a song by the Carter Family. With each verse, though, he changed the melody. When he reached the final verse, the song was completely different from that of the Carters and the hymn.

I'll stop here for today because I know most people don't like to read long posts. I'll give your more information about the lyrics, and I'll try to do it tomorrow.

I'll also provide you with the song again, but not sung by a contender in my contest. This Land Is Your Land has been recorded many times.

Sing us out, please, Neil.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

It's time for the November 15, 2015, Battle of the Bands.

Mr. Stephen T. McCarthy provides us with this information about the bloghop:

The whole thing is really quite simple: You select two different versions of the same song (versions  you feel might give each other some competition in the voting) and you post them on the 1st and the 15th of each month. On the 7th and 21st of each month, you add your own personal vote to the mix, total up all the votes and announce the winner on your blog.

Beyond that, just try to have fun with it and let your readers/voters have fun with it.

All righty, then. Let's have fun! Our song is This Land Is Your Land.

I think pretty much everybody in the U.S. grew up singing this song in school. We thought it was a patriotic song, and even if you know the story behind the song and the verses that are left out when children sing it, then maybe you'll still feel it's a patriotic song. I do because I believe in freedom of speech, and I truly believe this land wasn't made for me alone. I'm no better than anybody else. We are all sinners in the eyes of God, and we can all gain His love and forgiveness simply by asking Him for it.

Or if you believe in something else, that's up to you, as long as you don't use what you believe to hurt anyone.

Woody Guthrie wrote This Land Is Your Land in 1940. It's partly about experiencing the Dust Bowl during The Great Depression. He tended to change it up when he sang it, so the verses varied during performances. I hope I have time this week to tell you more about the song.

Here's our first BOTB contender, Woody Guthrie:

Here's our second BOTB contender, Bruce Springsteen:

Please vote in your comment for your preferred version of the song. Do you favor Woody Guthrie's straightforward singing of his own work, or are you partial to Bruce Springsteen's rendering of the song? Tell us the reason for your decision, too.

Normally, I wouldn't put up any singer against Woody Guthrie, but I know Bruce Springsteen has many die-hard fans so he has a good chance at earning your vote.

I'll announce the winner on Nov. 21.

I hope you'll visit other participants in The Battle of the Bands. You can find the complete list below.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Friday, November 13, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Today's Reese Witherspoon movie is The Good Lie (2014, Rated PG-13, Available On DVD). To read my review of yesterday's Reese Witherspoon movie, Wild, click HERE.

Based on a true story, not a sort of true story, some of "The Lost Boys of Sudan" walk about as far as Cheryl Strayed in Wild to reach a refugee camp, where 3,600 celebrate their move to the U.S. Some of the Lost Boys are played by actors who were real Lost Boys, which I find quite moving.

Three young men sent to Kansas City find jobs with the help of employment counselor Carrie Davis (Reese Witherspoon), a fictional character. Carrie isn't a white savior or angel who saves the men. She's kind of a mess. The men work hard, rescue themselves, and do everything necessary so a sister can join them.

Though Witherspoon is good in this movie, the actors who play the refugees draw my attention.

The Lost Boys have a lot to learn. Carrie says she'll call when she's going to pick them up, but they don't understand the ringing telephone. They stand at a window as they wait for her to call to them from outside. They experience total culture shock. Moments such as this one provide some comic relief in a movie that portrays the lives of devastated orphans.

The Good Lie is a touching, poignant movie. I can't explain the title. You have to see it to understand it. This film earns The Janie Junebug Seal of Highest Approval.

I would definitely watch this movie with teens, but not younger children.

I watched The Good Lie on a DVD\ that Netflix ever so kindly sent to the mailbox by my front door.

Happy viewing!

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Today and tomorrow I present Reese Witherspoon x 2 = Good Movies

Today's movie is Wild (2014, Rated R, Available On DVD).

Cheryl (Reese Witherspoon) is devastated by the death of her mother, Bobbi (Laura Dern). When Cheryl's marriage ends, she takes Strayed as her last name because of her drug use and casual sex with strangers.

Cheryl gets clean and hikes more than one thousand miles of the Pacific Coast Trail, alone, in what becomes a healing, though perilous, journey. The trek in the film feels quite real.

Witherspoon was nominated for the Best Actress Academy Award for Wild, while Dern was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

The acting is good. The movie is lovely. I believe it has spiritual overtones that I don't understand. I hope to appreciate the story by reading the book of the same name by Cheryl Strayed. It's available on Amazon at

For now, Wild earns The Janie Junebug Seal of Toe Nail ApprovalRemoval & Exhaustion. This film is definitely not for children, but depending on how much of a teaching tool you think it can be with teens, you might watch with young people about sixteen and older. It has pretty graphic sex scenes and drug use.

I watched Wild on a DVD graciously provided to me by Netflix because I pay my bill every month.

Happy viewing! I have another Reese Witherspoon movie for you tomorrow.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

I always work in a chair that has plenty of room for a pillow behind my achy breaky back, and I put up the footrest.

Feet Up = A Fairly Happy Back

A few minutes ago, I tried to get up to feed the puppers their suppers.

I couldn't put down my footrest. What might be in the way?

I became suspicious, so I extricated myself from the chair as carefully as possible without putting down the footrest.

Come out, Pretty Penelope, so you can eat supper.

The other black furry item in the shot is Franklin's back. My doggies like to be close to me.

I am a fortunate dog mom.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Monday, November 9, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Please make a special effort to visit my blog child Rachel today at When a Lion Sleeps, Let It Sleep.

Rachel has a guest post by Megan, who is transgender. You can also read Rachel's interview with Megan by clicking HERE.

No matter how much we know, we can always learn more.

This framed flag from Italy hangs on my living room wall. PACE means PEACE.

And Willy Dunne Wooters says:

Fab Four, will you please sing us out?

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell.

I apologize for my tardiness in announcing my Nov. 1, 2015, Battle of the Bands results. The song was Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The competitors were IZ and Katharine McPhee. To see the original post, please click HERE.

My son suggested IZ's version to me. I had never heard of him, and wasn't aware that he had passed away at an early age after creating his much-loved interpretation of Rainbow. I knew the name Katharine McPhee because, although I don't watch the show, she was the runner up in 2006 on American Idol and has experienced continued success.

It became obvious early on that IZ's mellow rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow would be the winner. I admit I was shocked when some of you commented that if Judy Garland had been the other contender, you still would have voted for IZ. That says a lot about the quality of his performance.

Here's the final count:

IZ                                       21

Again, it doesn't bother me that the first contestant hit one out of the park, while the second contestant hit a pop fly. I enjoy what I learn from the battles. I wouldn't have heard IZ's beautiful voice if I hadn't paid attention to Favorite Young Man when he said, "There's this guy named IZ . . . . . "

And the rest is history.

Let's talk more about the history of Rainbow, too. We'll also listen to the one of the greatest vocalists ever, who made it her signature song.

Of course, the songstress was Judy Garland. She introduced Rainbow when she played Dorothy in the  classic 1939 MGM film The Wizard of Oz. Harold Arlen wrote the music; E. Y. Harburg wrote the lyrics. It won the Best Song Academy Award.

The Internet Movie Database has the following to say about this classic number:

"Over the Rainbow" was nearly cut from the film; MGM felt that it made the Kansas sequence too long, as well as being too far over the heads of the children for whom it was intended. The studio also thought that it was degrading for Judy Garland to sing in a barnyard. A reprise of the song was cut: Dorothy sang it to remember Kansas while imprisoned in the Witch's castle. Judy Garland began to cry, along with the crew, because the song was so sad.

Judy Garland was sixteen when she played Dorothy, the girl in my home state who is carried away by a tornado. Here's how I remember my first sight of Judy Garland:

During the Dark Ages, a.k.a. my childhood, The Wizard of Oz was on TV once a year. We watched this special event together. I was horrified by The Wicked Witch of the West, played by Margaret Hamilton.

We sort-of knew that when Dorothy came out of her house in Oz that the film switched from sepia to technicolor. We couldn't imagine it, though. We needed to see it to believe it--to understand how special it was. I was about fifteen years old when I finally saw Dorothy enter the brilliantly colored world of the Munchkins.

Judy, will you please sing us out with another of my favorite performances?

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Dear Hearts and Gentle People,

Franklin feels better today. He's eating supper as I type, but I gave him a reduced amount of kibble.

Sadly, last night's rain filled Lake Junebug. The dogs can't potty without splahing across the lake. It took quite a while to convince Penelope that it was safe.

I offer praise to Favorite Young Man for the furnace repair. My son is one of my favorite companions. He's so intelligent. I enjoy discussing politics and books with him. Many of our conversations consist of recommending documentaries to one another.

I also appreciate that I know I'm safe because of my son. He protects me.

I have a lot of editing to do--which is always a good, happy problem--so you probably won't hear from me again until Nov. 7 when I announce the winner in my Battle of the Bands.

If I didn't respond to your comment on my most recent post or haven't left a comment on your blog, it isn't because I don't care about you. My time is limited; furthermore, of late Blogger has said, Yes, you may comment here, but No, you may not answer here. We are slaves to Blogger.

Franklin and Penelope are good friends. It makes me happy. We love our little girl.

Please sing us out, Alanis. I don't think I've ever mentioned my fondness for your music.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Let's start with the good news:

  1. Favorite Young Man fixed the leaky furnace. The PVC pipe was indeed clogged, but the PVC pipe I checked was the wrong pipe. Thank you for knowing which pipe is which, FYM.
  2. Penelope made a noise today. She hasn't barked yet, but after she ate supper, she made a sound kind of like a moo crossed with a bray. My pretty Penny spoke her first word.

Let's finish with the not so good news:

  1. Franklin awoke me this morning. I could see he felt panicky. Then I smelled why felt panicky.
  2. Doggy diarrhea.
  3. When Franklin ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. It's pouring now, and he's out in the rain, doing what must be done.

Hang in there, Frankie. If we need to visit Dr. Chick, we will. 

I'll continue to play catch up. 

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Monday, November 2, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

I can't thank you enough for your kind comments on Rachel's blog. I send you all hugs and kisses.

If you haven't yet visited When A Lion Sleeps, Let It Sleep, then I urge you to check out Rachel's interview with Megan, who is transgender. It's a great opportunity for us to learn from Megan, and I'm so proud of Rachel for posting Megan's story.

I felt a tiny concern that someone would make a rude comment to Rachel and Megan--certainly not one of my friends, but someone we don't know. Instead, everyone has come through with flying colors, and I love you all the more for it. New folks, welcome to you. Thank you for joining us in our quest to love and understand.

The furnace stopped leaking for a while. Then it started leaking more. I texted my son, who said the PVC pipe was probably clogged. I checked it. Nope. I wish it could have been that simple. 

The leaking increases, while my frustration decrees I might cry.

My son should be here soon. I have faith he'll solve the problem. The drip is worse when the AC is on. Unfortunately, I need the air conditioning because the second of November is quite warm and humid.

I'm also concerned about my friend Cherdo, who blogs at Cherdo on the Flipside. Recently, her son was in a serious car accident. She has a lot going on with caring for him and keeping up with her work.

I know for a fact that she posted a Battle of the Bands yesterday. Her song was Jolene. I voted for my beloved White Stripes. Now Cherdo's BOTB has vanished.

I haven't had a chance to talk to Cherdo. Now, if you know me, you know I strive to love my neighbor as myself. But if someone has been unkind to my Cherdo, then that person should expecct the wrath of the Junebug because I will not tolerate cruelty to Cherdo any more than I'd tolerate rudeness to Rachel and Megan.

John and Yoko, please sing us out.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Here are the lyrics:


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

My apologies to Michael D'Agostino of A Life Examined, who organizes the excellent "Question" blog hopI shan't answer the Question of the Month in this post. Last week, my thermostat didn't work because a wire wasn't connected. Lovely Dean, the heating and AC man, set it straight. Today, my furnace doth leak. I know not why. I would surely love to shoot it, but I have that puny problem with believing in gun control and refusing to have weapons in my house.

Michael and other answerers: I hope to respond to the question in a day or two. Whether you see me depends on the health of the furnace, and how much editing I've completed.

In spite of my little drip of trouble, I issue a special invitation to you. Please visit When A Lion Sleeps, Let It Sleep, where my blog child Rachel shares her shining, youthful wisdom with the world.

Currently, Rachel's blog features her interview with a young lady who is transgender. I appreciate this opportunity to learn more about something we didn't even know existed when I was young. Here's a little information about Megan:

Megan is a young Transgender woman with a beautiful, loving wife and a family she loves beyond words. She is an advocate, trying to promote positivity and understanding, in order to help others find the same happiness and acceptance.

Megan knew when she was a young child that something was different. Growing up in a very conservative home, she still vividly remembers the negative conversations about the LGBTQ+ community, which convinced her that something must be wrong with her. She tried desperately to "fix" herself, but could never get rid of the knowledge that she was in the wrong body. It wasn't until several years after Megan married her wife that she finally learned to accept who she was and began to love herself for it. This understanding led to the discovery that she could help others do the same and maybe even prevent the hate involved in the first place.

Rachel also provides this helpful information:

The Trevor Project specializes in assisting people who are struggling with sexuality and has open hotlines to help people 24/7. Their phone number is 866-488-7386.

Megan's website is, and she can be reached at or

I urge you to look in on Rachel and Megan today, with an open mind and an open heart.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Sing us out, please, John.

You were right, John. You weren't the only dreamer.