Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Hi! Hi! Hi! 

Can you hear me? HiHiHiHi! Hi, Every Buddy! It's me it's me it's me Franklin the Bordersneeze! I haven't put my words in this box for a while so I want to be sure you know it's memememememe! 


 Mom had to go someplace last night and she was gone forever is what it felt like but when she got home we went for a walk. We turned the corner and this nice lady said Hi! She told Mom her name and then she said *snicker snort* I love what she said because she said We always admire your dog when you walk by.

That's ME! She meant ME *snicker snort* I'm the dog part of your dog.

She liked me and I liked her and it was all nice and I was extra happy.

Oh and Mom said to tell you we gots comment moderation enabled now. I dunno what that means.

Okay Okay Okay Every Buddy

Okay I love you bye-bye!

Thursday, May 13, 2021


 Hello. It is I, Penelope.

I have discovered something very important. Do you remember when Franklin told me to eat a dead lizard so I could go to France? He was wrong, of course, but I now know how to get to France, where I will eat French kibble, wear French sweaters during the winter, and learn to speak French. 

Pretend we are not talking. Act as if you are looking around the yard. Maybe some of you can sit on the deck. I will speak quietly. Mom Mom must not know about this conversation. 

I am seated next to some flowerpots on the ground beneath the deck.

The two pots on the left are new. The next one is old but intact. 

I have it on good authority that Mom Mom is going to get rid of the two ugly pots. When she planted daisies in the okay pot, I discovered the secret passage to France.

Mom Mom moved the okay pot away from the deck to put in the daisies. I ran under the deck. I was shocked by what I saw. Steps! Steps always lead to a door. I am sure it is the door to France. Before I could continue to explore, I heard Mom Mom's plaintive cry: Penelope, where are you? Come back, Penelope.

I had been found out. I played innocent.

Now I wait. I plot; I plan; I scheme. When Mom Mom moves another pot, I must be ready. I do not know how long it takes to climb the steps to France. I need kibble for my journey.

I warn you: Do not tell Mom Mom about my plans. She will cajole me into staying.

If you tattle, I shall find you. I shall hunt you down and bite you on the ass and make you sorry, because nothing can be allowed to get in the way of my climb to France.

I will be a French dog.

That is all. Goodbye. 

Friday, May 7, 2021


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

The In Memoriam segment during the Academy Awards telecast always generates some controversy because of the names that aren't included. I was never bothered by it––until this year. 

No Diana Serra Cary? I realize most people don't recognize the name, but those who work in the film industry should know that last year we lost the last star of silent films (three actors from silent films survive).

I'm no silent film buff, but on a trip to the library many years ago I came across a book that looked interesting: What Ever Happened to Baby Peggy: The Autobiography of Hollywood's Pioneer Child Star by Diana Serra CaryThe book was fascinating, and it's the reason I know about the remarkable, strange career of Baby Peggy.

Peggy-Jean Montgomery started working in 1921 when she was two-and-a-half years old. Between 1921 and 1924 she starred in approximately 150 short films, and in 1923 she also started making feature films. She had a $1.5 million contract as Baby Peggy.

She worked eight hours a day, six days a week. She did her own stunts, some of which were dangerous. Baby Peggy was once held underwater until she passed out. She saw things no child should see and no adult wants to see. Her father, Jack Montgomery, took all the credit for her success, saying she did well because she obeyed his every order. Even on vacations, he put her on display for her adoring fans to see her follow his commands as if she were a well-trained dog.

She also made personal appearances to promote her movies. Baby Peggy dolls were produced, and she endorsed sheet music, jewelry, and milk. Her fan 
letters numbered more than a million. She was the official mascot of the 1924 Democratic Convention, where she was onstage with Franklin Roosevelt. 

Her father handled every aspect of her career, making all business decisions, until he had a dispute with a producer in 1925 that ended Baby Peggy's movie career. The family then turned to touring in vaudeville, where she made $300 a day. Her father gave her a nickel for each performance. She worked even when she was so sick she had to vomit in the wings. Exhausted, they stopped touring in 1929.

And she didn't have a penny. Her parents spent everything.

As a teenager she became an extra in films for $3 a day. She hated it. Many of the other extras were also silent film actors.

She married and changed her name to Diana Ayers in an attempt to separate herself from Baby Peggy and carve out a new career as an actress, but couldn't repeat the success she had once enjoyed. Then she divorced and remarried to become Diana Serra Cary––silent film historian, writer, and advocate for child actors. She died Feb. 24, 2020, age 101.

In addition to her autobiography, she wrote a biography of Jackie Coogan, another child star who ended his career with little of the millions he earned.

The majority of the Baby Peggy movies no longer exist. They burned in a fire or were lost through carelessness. The few that remain have been preserved. Occasionally, a new one is discovered.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Sunday, May 2, 2021


 Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

As I mentioned after Meghan and Harry's interview with Oprah, I felt sympathy for them. They had a right to defend themselves! The British press picked on her! She didn't have any preparation to be a royal! 

I suppose I'm stirring a pot that no longer boils because it isn't even on the burner, but I have changed my mind about those two and now think that instead of being called The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they should be known as The Duke and Duchess of Go-Suck-It, because that's pretty much what they told Harry's family.

Is that a design on her dress or did the birds decorate it
in the style of her shitting on her husband's family?

As the weeks have passed, various news stories have pointed out that Meghan played fast and loose with the truth. While I don't think she plotted to bring down Harry's family by marrying him and somehow forcing him to obey her, her "insider" stories about the royal family weren't necessary.

Meghan claimed her passport was taken away, yet she traveled outside of England.

She said she and Harry got married in their backyard three days before their public wedding, but The Archbishop of Canterbury said it ain't so.

Kate made her cry over bridesmaids' dresses; the journalist who reported that Kate cried stands by her story.

Meghan alleged her press office didn't stand up for her, but they made official complaints about coverage of Meghan twice.

Someone in the family pondered what color their baby's skin would be, but she wouldn't say who it was, and she and Harry recollected it occurring at different times.

I could go on about the points she made that aren't true, or can't be proven, but you probably already know or you get the idea. I thought their goal in giving the interview was to gain publicity for their Netflix deal (cuz after all they need to make some money), but if that was the idea, then they didn't need to make accusations. They could have shown Oprah their chickens and talked about their new lives and everything might have been cool with the fam.

Instead, they're a couple of spoiled brats. After all, Harry inherited a pretty penny from his mum. Meghan also had money from her acting career. 

Why alienate people?

They can always make a few bucks with some dolls.

I certainly don't think their financial situation will come to this:

Those crazy kids should be just fine. After all, Meghan said Harry is adjusting to life in America!

And they can use their influence with Netflix to keep The Crown going for years so Meghan can play herself!

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug