Friday, November 16, 2018


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Can you believe it's been a little more than three years since Penelope came to live with us? Franklin and I want to commemorate her arrival by rerunning the post that he wrote about her, which first appeared on October 2, 2015.

We love you, Penelope.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Hi! Hi, Every Buddy! Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi hihihihiihhihiihihihihihhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I'm so excited I can't stop hi-ing.

It's me, it's me, it's me, Franklin the Bordernese, whose mom always needs to peepee.

Mom went to a far away place not too long ago. It's called Georgia. She was gone for about a year. She claims it was only part of a day.

Mom went to a place called Claxton. I Googled it after she left. I figured she went to get a world famous Georgia fruitcake.

Anyway, you won't believe what she brought home with her. It's sooooo much better than a fruitcake.

You know I been missing my buddy Harper since he went to heaven. Harper can't ever be replaced, but we can have new family members.


Mom saw this picture

online at a place for rescued dogs. Mom didn't tell me what might happen in case it didn't work out. She didn't want me to be disappointed.

She thought this doggy looked perfect to be my sister. She named my sister Penla-la-peee. Oh. Mom says her name is spelled like this: Penelope. She already knows that's her name.

I remember when I came here to live. I found out I was moving into a castle with a Queen. A big man with pictures painted all over his skin carried me to the backyard. I thought he was the servant, and he kinda is, but he's really my human brother.

When Penelope got here, she was scared. She didn't wanna get out of the car. She finally got out and ran into the backyard. She was safe because we have a good fence. But she wouldn't come inside. She wouldn't let Mom get close to her. She didn't know she was moving into a castle and that our mom is the Queen.

Mom had to call my human brother for help. It was raining hard, and it was getting dark. Painted Brother was patient with Penelope. He followed her around the yard and talked to her and showed her a dog biscuit.

Penelope went under Mom's car in the garage. At least she was out of the rain, but she couldn't stay there all night. My big brother is the bravest, strongest big brother in the whole world. He's better than a fruitcake from Georgia, too. He got down on the floor of the garage and slid under the car. He helped Penelope get out from under the car. Then he carried her into the house.

He and Mom dried her with towels and made her warm and cozy. Brother cuddled her for a long time.

That's when I met her. I did everything I could to help, and I'm still helping her learn how to live in the castle. Mom says one really good thing about Penelope is that when she needs to go potty she always goes outside. She never goes in the house. I typed this part small because it's about personal stuff.

Penelope learns every single day. I showed her how to sit just perfict like the dog of a Queen should.

See! See! See!
This is my perfict royal dog sit.
I will teach this to Penelope.

I've written a lot now, so I will try to tell you more about Penelope next week.

Mom hasn't gotten many good pitchers of Penelope yet because she wiggles a lot. She doesn't know the perfict royal dog sit, but I just know she can learn it. I'll try to find at least one good pitcher of Penelope at our castle.

Here's my sister.
That big furry thing is my tail and one white paw.
Penelope isn't as furry as I am. She's soft and sleek.
She likes to kiss me.
She kisses Mom, too.
Sometimes we both kiss Mom at the same time.

It makes Mom happy.

I'm tired now. I been working so hard to take care of Penelope.

Okay I love you bye-bye.

Franklin the Bordernese

Monday, November 12, 2018


Dear Hearts,

It's not Veteran's Day. It's not Veterans' Day.

It's Veterans Day.

I know because I used to write it incorrectly and I've seen it with an apostrophe a number of times yesterday and today.

Now I imagine a few of you scurrying away to make corrections.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

wrong, wrong, wrong

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Gentle Readers (especially U.S. citizens) . . . and Maxwell,

Have you voted yet? If not, today is the big day. This election is crucial. I urge you to vote for candidates who want to look out for our best interests.

I don't want a Democratic majority in Congress because I hope to see Donald Trump impeached. If that happened and he were convicted, then we'd have President Mike Pence. I don't see that as an improvement.

I do want a Democratic majority in Congress because I hope they can impose some sanity in Washington. Democrats can help to balance out the fake power in The White House. I see that as an improvement.

I voted Sunday evening. The line at the polling place was longer than I'd ever seen it before.

At least I got a chuckle out of the people around me. I said, I'm glad so many people are here––as long as they vote the same way I do.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug