Friday, December 24, 2021


 Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

I wish you all great joy on this Christmas Eve. Sweet Cheeks will be here tonight for ham and scalloped potatoes.

We had a party at work yesterday that, happily, was not a pot luck. It was catered. We ate our little hearts out and then had a gift exchange that had us all laughing. We even got to leave early, and today is a paid holiday. I am happy to be with Franklin and Penelope who did not complain about not rising at 6 a.m.

A lovely young lady came by with her two daughters and accepted my offering of children's books and Christmas cookies. I baked several kinds.

Sweet Cheeks shocked me last weekend by telling me he does not like my homemade cookies. People rave about my cookies, I told him.

I don't like cookies with things in them, he said. 

This statement mystified me for a moment. Things? Butter? Eggs? Cockroaches? What things had he found in my cookies that offended him? 

It turned out he doesn't like bits of candies in cookies. He also doesn't care for chocolate cookies or sugar cookies. He does like oatmeal raisin cookies (he is not disturbed by the fact that raisins look like dead flies), and he likes peanut butter cookies as long as nothing is added to them, such as chocolate chips.

So I am about to whip up a batch of peanut butter cookies for my dear Sweet Cheeks. He had damn well better eat them and like them.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Wednesday, December 15, 2021


 Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Yesterday I passed an exam that allowed me to obtain the necessary credentials for my job. About half of us passed. I'm grateful to be one of them. The exam was quite difficult.

So I'm starting to return to holiday life. I've baked one kind of cookie, and I hope to bake a lot more Friday evening and Saturday. This evening I addressed Christmas cards, although I'm not sending as many as usual. 

I'm very happy to tell you that the folks in my new workplace are all polite and friendly––no shouts, threats, or harassment, and I'm certain that kind of behavior would not be tolerated. It's a delightful surprise after my last job.

Franklin and Penelope were shocked the first day I rose at 6 a.m. and left them on their own for the day, but they adjusted quickly. Their Auntie Maureen comes over every day to let them out and give them some attention. 

A reminder for jewelry lovers: Maureen makes adorable jewelry and sells it at 

Made with love earrings and more - Home | Facebook

You might need a gift for someone, or better yet, a gift for yourself, especially after you see what other people spring on you.

Almost every day I wear Christmas earrings made by Maureen.

I'll try to return to at least semi-regular blogging soon. I have a great story to tell about my recent mammogram, or boob squishing as I prefer to call it.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

I love this shot of Franklin and Penelope because she 
actually leaned over him and kissed him on the mouth.

Sunday, December 5, 2021


 Dear Hearts,

My new job requires credentials I've never had before, so I need to study. If all goes well, I'll be with you again in a couple of weeks.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug