Saturday, February 14, 2015


It's V-Day.

Take back your vagina.

Be aware of increasing sexually related crimes committed against women.

It will soon become a tsunami.


  1. She's amazing.
    Women, we shall overcome!
    Thanks for posting Eve Ensler.
    Um, happy Vday (?!)

  2. I hate violence against women, Janie. I hate violence, period, except when I see a guy touch the missus without her consent if you know what I mean.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you Janie.

  4. Hi, Janie! This unusual performance piece runs the gamut and gives us a lot to think about on Valentine's Day. How many date rapes will there be tonight? How many unwitting parents make their children feel ashamed of their bodies and their natural urges? What are we to think of a 20-something woman who takes it upon herself to introduce an underage girl to the joy of sex and self pleasuring? Is it education, liberation or violation? Is there a double standard? Would society view this scenario the same way if a gentle, sensitive man had been her sexual mentor? Would it have made a difference if the teenager was male instead of female?

    Thank you for posting this, dear friend Janie, and happy Valentine's Day to you and WDW and Franklin.

  5. Where on earth did you find this lady? Daughter went to see 50 shades yesterday, so can't wait to hear her analysis!

  6. I'd better not say anything. Trying to be funny might be fatal for me.

  7. I've never lost it, but if I did, I would head the call and take it back immediately. I'd put boxing gloves on and pound the stew out of the thief. The Flipside has turned me into that kind of gal. We BOTH are, I think.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Oh boy....I hope not. You would hope it would become less but that is hope only

  9. Happy Valentine's Day. Or as we call it here in New England... "Blizzard Preparation Day" (again).

    I busted out the flashlights, found the candles, and did all the laundry. Tony managed to park his car in the garage and gather the shovels. Isn't it romantic? :)


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