Sunday, May 1, 2022


 Hello. It is I, Penelope.

First, I want to show you a photograph of myself in my soft jammies.

Am I not adorable?

Now, I will tell you my hilarious joke. I made up a nickname for Auntie Maureen. I call her Auntie More More!

That funny name is perfect for her because I want her to visit us more and give us more treats. Auntie More More! Isn't that so funny?

I am worried about Auntie More More, however. Soon we will experience some days when she does not come to see us while Mom Mom is at her stupid work thing she says she has to do so she can buy the treats.

Auntie More More must have surgery. I do not know what this means.

My brother Franklin says it means she will go to the vet and not have balls when she comes back. He says surgery happened to him and no balls was the result.

I think Franklin is wrong, but if he is right, then I will tell Mom Mom to get out the plastic card that means money and I will order new balls for Auntie More More. I will order tennis balls and plastic squeaky balls and any other kind of balls Auntie More More wants, because I love my Auntie More More.

If you say prayers, then please say a nice prayer for Auntie More More, or send positive feeling to her and to me, a poor little doggy who will miss her auntie and worry about her.

I know you like to see photos of me, so here is another one, taken when the weather was chilly and I wore a sweater Santa Paws brought for me.

I know you never cease to be amazed by how cute I am.

That is all. Goodbye.