Monday, January 16, 2012


Pardon me, Sir Mix-A-Lot, But I feel compelled to disagree with you.

I really don't care much for big butts, especially if one of them is mine. Now, if YOU, Dear Readers, happen to possess and enjoy large, shapely bottoms, that's up to you. I won't make fun of you, as long as you don't make fun of me.

Because the truth is, I have a big butt, but I don't want it. I also have a big belly and much bigger boobs than I used to have. It's all because I gained weight several years ago.

And now I'm trying to lose it. Which brings us to our What? Monday question:

What do you do to keep your weight under control?

And if some of you answer, I eat all the time and just can't gain weight, I'll hold back the mob while you run.

I started working on weight control last spring. To help you understand the weight loss part of the journey I'm on, you might want to read this post about how I started losing weight.

At the moment, I'm kinda stuck with the weight loss stuff, though, so I'm starting something new that I'll write about tomorrow.

In the meantime, I wish you'd vote in the poll to the right of this post and guess how much weight I've lost so far (including the 15 pounds I'd lost when I wrote the post). If you really want to earn a better participation grade on this blog, then you need to start speaking up in the comments section and voting in my cute little poll.

Good heavens, when I took Chaucer with Dr. Ellzey, if I didn't say anything in class, my participation grade for the day was an "F". I know because my friend Julie saw Dr. Ellzey write F by our names when we didn't say anything. So I started blabbering away in class and got an "A".

I would like to give each and every one of you an "A" in participation.

So, your first task is to comment and answer the question

What do you do to keep your weight under control?

Your second task is to vote in the poll.

Your third task is to be here tomorrow and be very, very happy because Wednesday is Fishducky Day. That's right! I'm serving fishducky for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug


  1. i used to go dancing like almost everyday to keep the weight down at one time. these days, it's a combination of food intake and cardio and weight training (although i havent been doing much exercise since christmas) sigh. i'm feeling the weight on my butt and belly.

  2. Ok, first suggestion is DON'T GO TO MY BLOG TODAY! ...or much of the rest of the week as I am facing butt enlargement due to my rediscovery of baking. I did once have to loose 50lbs which I did actually learn some good tips from. I liked to snack so I found keeping gum nearby was handy. I'd pop some gum in my mouth instead of a snack and the minty freshness would make me not want to eat for a while. If I didn't have gum, I'd go brush my teeth. Everything tastes horrible after you brush your teeth so that gives you a bit of time to not snack. These are just little things but I found them handy. And I'll apologize to your butt now if you go get my super easy ice cream recipe today...

  3. Dear Janie,
    I, too, need to lose some weight--about 25 pounds. After a certain age the only way I've found to lose is through regular exercise. However, I haven't taken my own advice and done that so for two years of talking about weight lost, I've lost nothing!


  4. Jaya, I bet dancing is fun. I don't do it, though, cuz I dance like a white girl (not pretty). When I was married I belonged to a gym and went to step classes. They were difficult for me and I was very clumsy, but everybody was so busy with what they were doing, they didn't notice what a clutz I was.

    Princess, An apology to my butt is the nicest thing anyone has said to me today. You also have good tips. You don't have to worry I'm fix your recipes because I'm pretty good about not keeping the ingredients around that I need for baking and making yummy stuff.

    Dee, I wish I only needed to lose 25 pounds. We'll talk about it more tomorrow.

  5. Um, I hope it's okay that I did the second task first.

    I've noticed a big slowdown in my ability to shed pounds since surpassing the age of 40. :( Sticking w/ a regular workout routine is key for me, and also I've noticed I'm happiest w/ the way my clothes fit when I swear off bread of all types.

    My bra size is scaring me though. Every time I gain a few pounds, that's the first place it goes, but then when I lose the weight---it stays!

  6. What happened to your post? Are you "gaslighting" me? I read the post & had to leave for a few minutes. When I came back it was different. I seem to remember a couple of pictures of ladies with large racks & a promise that you would post your "after" picture weraing nothing but Chanel No. 5 & a smile. Maybe that was in your hyperlink. No matter--my husband claims that some of my best memories NEVER happened. I say that if they're good memories, who cares?

    My picture--wearing nothing but my lovely feathers--appears to the left of this comment.

  7. Nicki, I didn't gain my weight until I was in my late 40s. It's frightening to hear that when you lose the weight you don't lose it from your boobs. My bra size is DD huge. Women pay for boobs like these, but I've heard that when you pay for them they're not soft and squeezable like mine. I really don't want to keep these big boobs, but I guess getting rid of the belly fat is more important.

  8. Now fishducky, you won't struggle when we put on your straitjacket and chains, will you, dear? The women with the large racks and the promise I would post my after picture, that never happened. Oh, of course it did. Click on the link and you can see that post again. It's called Losin' It. And you look good in those feathers, baby.


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