Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Here are some answers to help members who have difficulty keeping up with the Junebug:

Baur said...
I bookmarked the link after I accepted the invite and it works great!!!

LegalMist said...
I've left you on my blog roll even though I know no one else can click on it and get here easily (unless they are one of your invitees). So, I click on the link. If I'm not already signed in to Blogger, it makes me sign in, and then it lets me in.

It's not hard, really. Only difference is having to be signed in.

Ed said...
you are loved. it's just a new routine and we are adjusting. i'm used to having a blog link on a profile. instead i dive into my email to find the link. it's okay. it's a new routine i'm working out. you're worth it:)

From now on when I get an email that says, "I don't know how to get to your blog," I'll send the member this post.

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