Monday, January 2, 2012



Apparently you will no longer receive any kind of notification that says I've posted something new. It that's the case, I will try to learn how to tweet or twit or whatever it is to let you know when I have a new post.

Additionally, you can pretty much count on me to post Monday - Friday quite early in the morning. So if you  have time to check me out each day, I should be here.


Janie, who has no idea what she's doing


  1. Awesome! That will be a great blogging schedule :) I've been thinking about doing the same thing.

  2. Coffey, I can put a notification on Facebook that there's a new post (if I can remember to do it), and I'm also going to try to start a twitter account. But as I said, I'm almost always here Monday - Friday, first thing in the morning, and I've been posting that way for quite some time.

    Elisa, I use the schedule post feature (you click on it at the bottom of the list of labels for posts) and put in the day and time I want the post to be published. I usually publish about 1 or 2 a.m. in case some people can't sleep.

  3. Coffey, I'm changing my mind. I'm not going to put any kind of notification on Facebook about new posts. With the way I've been screwing things up lately (I definitely have more than one screw loose), I would do something wrong; and I don't want to call a lot of attention to this blog. Besides, I'm probably going to cancel my Facebook account soon. I don't like Facebook very much. However, I will try to start a twitter account soon, and if you will visit Monday through Friday, I'll probably be here.

  4. I just found out I'd missed the last 47 or so posts since you went private. Didn't realize that would affect Google Reader. Wow, this sucks.

    On the plus side, I enjoyed the 47 posts I did read...

  5. David, If I ever have time, I'm going to learn to twit or tweet or whatever so I can let readers know when I've posted. Otherwise, you can count on me being here Monday - Friday, usually posting in the early a.m. I'm having trouble getting in touch with my Lola followers because so many people don't put email addresses on their profiles. It's very time consuming to contact people. Also, do you know how I can make Janie Junebug's Journal appear across the top left side of my photo instead of just sitting there under it? I want those words to do some work. I also have the problem of Janie Junebug appearing twice under contributors. Once would be sufficient, and I don't even want it to say Contributors. I want it to say Click here to view my profile. Believe me: I've looked at HELP and so far, it's been of absolutely no help.


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