Tuesday, October 6, 2020


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

I've noticed that the past tense of certain words is quite often incorrect. I think I've written about some of these problems before, so I want to go over it again.

No, this post does not mean that you drive me crazy with your writing. Our blogs are for fun. It's casual writing. Besides, I make misteaks to two and too. 

lead - led

Franklin led me to the park.

The error I see is lead used as the past tense.

pet - petted

I petted Penelope until she fell asleep.

The error I see is pet used as the past tense.

shrink - shrank

The error I see is confusion about shrink, shrank, and shrunk.

The movie titled Honey, I Shrunk the Kids should have been called Honey, I Shrank the Kids.

Myself is another problem area that we've discussed in the past.

Myself  is a pronoun. 

The error I see is myself used as a noun as in

Myself and Dave went to a concert.

Correct use: Dave and I went to the concert.

Notice the I? It's not correct to say Dave and me went to the concert. How can you remember the I? You would say I went to the concert, right? 

If you would say Me went to the concert, then I'm done. I'll give up my title as The Queen of Grammar; I'll return my Grammar Police badge.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug


  1. Thank you.
    Despite being far from perfect, some of these drive me (more) batshit crazy. Particularly the me and Dave went to the concert one. Dave might have gone with me - but he wouldn't be coming home with me.

  2. I just wrote a long and clever (in my opinion) comment. Blogger ate it! So, I'll keep it simple this time (and this is now my third attempt).

    You've hit on a number of my pet peeves. Myself is grateful.

  3. My two year old that a lot. Me want milk! Me go outside! Me me me me me.. It may be his favorite word, but he's extra cute when he says it so don't throw away your badge yet. :)

    1. All two year olds are cute, except when they scream non-stop in a doctor's office.

  4. "Shrink, shrank, shrunk" and "drink, drank, drunk" have similar issues.

  5. I (sort of) manage all the above correctly, though my bump is perennially with the lay/lain/lie/laid

  6. I try to be as correct as I can remember from decades ago English classes. Some errors always jump out at me, but others slip on by--LOL! With me--as you know--punctuation became personal expression long, long, long ago...despite the fact I do retain a proper working knowledge. ;)
    *love and hugs*

  7. I learnt English as a second language. Now I often read "I learned English as a second language." I know English very well, but I find it confusing when it gets simplified or modernized. So dear Grammar Police, should I stick with the way I learnt it or go with the changes?

    1. I think you should do whatever you darn well please. Be comfortable.

  8. Things like this drive me bat shit crazy, english is my language and yet I am confused

  9. I used to be so good at proper "grammar" but as I get older I forget. I do always try but I know I mess up and yes, our blogs are for fun.

    Always educational Janie.

  10. Thank you for keeping the flame alive.

  11. Janie, I don't know if you're getting my comments but I've been trying all week to do so. I'm able to leave comments on some blogs and on others I get an error page. UGH...

    1. Oh, it looks like it's finally working! Anyhow, I just wanted to write that you keep us on our toes :)


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