Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

I've seen a number of you complain about what a pain new blogger is. Now I've experienced the pain myself. 

After Penelope wrote her post describing the horror of being taught to sit, Favorite Young Man found a song that he was sure Penelope would like.

I tried to write a post and present to all of you, my dear ones, A SONG FOR PENELOPE. I never finished the post. That's why you haven't seen it.

I couldn't embed the link to the video of the song. I looked up multiple answers to the question How do I embed a video with new blogger?

The answers weren't complicated. If I recall correctly, the method for embedding a video hasn't changed. It was the outcome that was different and left me irritated. 

I clicked on Insert video at the top of this post. Then I found the video. No problem so far. Then I copied the link to embed the video and pasted it in my post while in html

All I got was an image of the video with no ability to play the song.

I struggled for what seemed to be forever to get the video to work in my post. I finally gave up and went to bed in a bad mood.

With old blogger, I added videos to my posts with no problem. 

If you know something magical I can do so I can add videos to my posts again, then please tell me. Please, my darlings. I'm frustrated every time I use new blogger. 

For a while, I could go back to old blogger. No more. Old blogger is gone, gone, gone. The reason for that, I think, is that so many of us became comfortable with old blogger. When you learn how to do something and it works well, don't you think it gets taken away to make you crazy?

I've had some other problems with new blogger, too. 

Are you fine with new blogger or do you have a complaint about it to share?

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug



  1. A clever blogger had found a way to stay on Legacy Blogger. Sadly sometime this morning while I was out it was taken away from me.
    I loathe new blogger. Even 'simple' tasks like accessing posts from my reading list have been made more cumbersome and labour intensive.
    Hiss and spit.

  2. This is one of the irritating new things about New Blogger. Yes, you embed a video the same way you would have under Legacy Blogger. BUT what's changed is that all you will see in your draft post is a grey rectangle with no ability to play the video. However, once you actually PUBLISH the draft post, the video will visually appear and be playable. Now, isn't that a stupid method? Yes, but that's New Blogger. So embed your video and trust that all will be well once you publish.

  3. It puts pictures where I don't want them. I hate it too.

  4. Posting comments can be a pain. Sometimes they post. Sometimes they don't. I've had to try four times on some. I switch from regular log-in to incognito to make it work. No consistent pattern. I'm on Wordpress and am NOW really glad I made the switch. That's become much more consistent and stable. PLUS, they actually respond to requests for help. Good luck!

  5. Moderating comments has become a challenge...hard to find which comments haven't been moderated and which ones have...they seem to have added extra steps? And then after I moderate only part of them come to my inbox so I can respond. Adding pictures has become more tedious because you can't choose a slew of them and then pick through them to put them in order before you publish them. Each choice you make to publish and poof all the rest of the choices are gone and not saved anymore. So you have to go through the entire process almost one pic at a time because nothing can be saved on blogger anymore in the choosing photos drop down box--if that makes any sense. I don't speak techie very well. So many things have changed. I have trouble positioning pics and videos now where I didn't before...the list goes on and on--LOL! I have only tried to add my own videos from my YT account so far. I haven't tried to add any links, etc. That sounds awful, too!

    "Improvements" have ruined important parts of Netflix for me and now Blogger is doing the same types of things. Making it harder and harder to use their product. Leah tells me it is because I use things in an old-fashioned way and not the way most young people use them. I can't organize my streaming list anymore because most (younger) people don't ever go to their streaming list anymore. They use streaming on their tablets and phones, apparently in a more immediate fashion? Do they have such short attention spans?

    Why does it make sense to make a product more difficult to use and not easier to use? They must make more money off it somehow, that's the only thing that makes sense in their world. There...that's my rant.

  6. I don't mind change and have nothing against new and improved, but only if it is improved. I can't stand New Blogger.

  7. At the same time Facebook decided to change their appearance (the new Face of Facebook) and blogger decided to be New and Improved (not visible to readers, but visible to site owners who post) my website host decided it couldn't support a twenty year old format (though it was "only" nine years on it for me) and all of a sudden EVERYTHING TECHIE ganged up... I suspect a lot of tech workers have more time on their hands and are being kept busy by the social sites, who more than ever need increased functionality to get more data on us. So, yeah, I hear you. Just. Plow. Through.
    And BTW, the new Blogger winds up being not so terrible, after you get the hang of it.

  8. I can't add any photos to my blog in Chrome. I haven't been able to for weeks. Fortunately I also have Safari as I use a mac and they will work there, but even so it's a pain in the butt, as I do everything on Chrome. I have reported it, and of course they've done nothing.

    1. I don't have a problem with photos in Chrome.

  9. It drives me nuts at times because better it is not

  10. I have few problems. I haven't inserted videos since that all went to YouTube, I think. My blogger needs are abysmally rudimentary.

  11. I'm not a fan of this new blogger. I've been having problems commenting on other blogs. So annoying!

    1. If I write a comment and look back to the post to see if I want to add anything else, what I've already written disappears.

  12. I am hating the new Blogger a little less than I was at first. At first, and until quite recently, they had many "improvements" that were nothing more than complications. But, apparently, they listened to our feedback and sorted most of those issues out. But still.


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