Sunday, July 27, 2014


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

What does Karl Schonborn have to do with sheer dresses?

Nothing more than Rick Watson had to do with sheer yoga pants last week.

But so many of you seemed fascinated and appalled by the yoga pants that when I saw an article about sheer dresses, I figured we'd better learn about the trend.

Karl is here because he'll write our final BULLY FOR YOU post tomorrow––a post that incorporates one of his experiences with being bullied as a child with advice for parents trying to protect their children. You can learn far more about the bullies who tried to keep Karl down by reading his book, Cleft Heart: Chasing Normal. 

You can also connect with Karl here:

Author Cleft HeartChasing Normal
        Love, tragedy, mystery and triumph.
"A poignant, heartfelt tale."
                Secretary of State John Kerry  
Available at Barnes and NobleBooks Inc, Amazon  

Now, on we go to the sheer dresses. Remember the sheer yoga pants?

How can I forget? you may ask.

I wasn't very surprised when I saw an article this week about the trend in sheer dresses. I've been seeing the dresses when I shop online. They began as normal dresses that were sheer below the knee. Not particularly attractive to my way of thinking, but not hideous. The sheer dresses have now advanced to the point that they often provide coverage of only certain strategic areas. Or not.

Sure, these are photos of models and celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron, but trends have a way of falling like a shit storm onto normal, everyday people. When you go out to dinner, or worse, to the grocery store, and spot someone in a see-through dress, then you'll know we've gone to heck in a handbasket.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug


  1. I mean, if I was in super good shape and an object of desire, I'd find a way to be perpetually nude too, until it got boring, then I'd wear a potato sack just to see if someone could turn that into some sort of sexy thing.

  2. Yikes! Well, I bought three sundresses for my author events that kind of had the sheer skirt thing. They had a skirt below that went to the knee, then the sheer part went much lower. I thought they were kind of cute, but mostly it was just that when I was shopping at Kohl's, ALL the dresses were like that. I should add that while the dresses were sheer, they weren't nearly as sheer as the one in that first picture. You can't really see even my knees or calves unless I have the sun behind me.

    1. I've seen the type of dress you describe for quite some time. Trust celebrities to take it a few steps too far.

  3. I must say I'm enjoying these shear pictures. Great blogging!

  4. Is that...Yes, I believe I just saw celebrity nipples. Not something I ever wanted to see.

    At the store I work in, I see tons of people come in with sheer dresses. Luckily, mostly everyone seems to wear something underneath. Usually, its like a tube top and a skirt of the same color. Those aren't as bad as that. Even with them wearing those dresses, I can almost guarantee they would flip their shit if they had naked photos leaked.

  5. I'm not so sure they're even that flattering on the women in the photos.

    1. I don't think I've ever seen Anne Hathaway look less attractive.

  6. When I went to garden parties at a friend's house, many of the women wore sheer skirts. Mine was not THAT sheer! We were all ages and all professions--attorney, profs, students, nurses. Of course, I wore a half slip until I got out of this town. I wore a top that covered my panties so the slip was not really necessary. And, the outfit was white...ah, those were the days.

    1. I no longer own a slip, but most of my clothes are lined. I have some tops that are a bit sheer, but I wear a tank top under them, which is how they are meant to be worn.

  7. We always say, "If you're showing it, people are allowed to touch it." I wonder how many of those celebrities would like to be pawed at. I mean, they must want people to at least look, right?

    FYI: just because you're famous doesn't mean I want to see you naked.

    All they're doing is inspiring the next generation of Wal Mart shoppers to show their wares.

  8. Sheer dresses are not attractive at all but can you imagine how a short fat woman would look in one...............

  9. Good Lord! I do not want to see naked bodies even when they are in excellent shape, thank you very much. And people barely want to look at me with clothes on so I don't think I will be buying anything sheer any time soon--ROFL! ;)


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