Friday, March 2, 2012


Dear Friends,

As some of you may recall, before Christmas I collected funds for a blogger in need. Many of you responded even though I kept the identity of the person a secret, and I thank you again.

The money was for Melynda. So now you know. I sent the money to Melynda anonymously, but today I'm telling you her identity because Melynda needs more help; and Elisa, fishducky, and Joshua came up with a way to provide some assistance.

The three of them put together a book made up of some of Melynda's blog posts. The book is now for sale, and I urge you to purchase it.

Melynda will not see this post unless she has some assistance so she can "read" it in the future. Today she's having eye surgery. She has to hold absolutely still while a needle is inserted directly into her eye. She won't even be sedated because her insurance doesn't cover it!

She's frightened; I'm frightened; I think all of her friends are very concerned.

We weren't able to save Melynda's house, but the money we gave her during the holidays paid for the family's Christmas dinner and took care of a few bills. Now, I implore you to purchase Melynda's book because she has astronomical medical bills. I don't understand why their insurance doesn't cover everything necessary to help control Melynda's diabetes and save as much of her sight as possible. Melynda's husband, Phil, is in the Air Force. Why aren't we taking care of our military families?

If our country isn't going to provide the healthcare Melynda needs, then I hope we in the blogging community -- and we are most definitely a community -- can help pay her bills by purchasing her book.

Here's more information from Elisa:

   Here's the deal.  Melynda's first book has been released!!!  She just found out last night--it was priceless.  And just between the Internet and me . . . I think she's pretty thrilled.  
    As you know, Melynda's been through some tough times (blindness etc.).  That's why I worked with Joshua (from Vive le Nerd) and Fishducky (the goddess of awesomeness), to edit the first three months of Melynda's blog posts.  We've surprised her with the book, but the excitement doesn't stop there.  You can buy her work on Amazon, for kindle, and onSmashwords!  
    To top that off, now we're having a blogfest to celebrate. 


If you'd like to promote her blogfest, please grab this button:


    This blogfest is all about my buddy, Melynda.  She is AMAZING.  The woman has been a tower of strength for me.  Now she needs some love and support.  She's having another eye surgery and this is our time to try and make things better--if only a little bit.
    So people, get 'r done! 

As Elisa said, get 'r done. I'll add, Hop to it. I hope you'll buy the book AND promote it with the Just Nonsense button and the purchase information.

Believe me, if one of us needed this help, Melynda would be the first in line to provide aid.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug


  1. I agree, Janie--buy this book because it will help Melynda & we love her, but also because it's hysterical! Buy more than one. It would make a great gift!!

  2. Thanks, fishducky. I'll buy several copies. They'll make great gifts.

  3. You are so right, she would be the first in line to help...that's just her nature...and yours.

  4. Oh, Stephanola. You're such a sweetie.

  5. What a positive caring way to help someone... I'm off to purchase some gifts :)

  6. Jane, i don't know what to say! I can't believe it was you at Christmas time! Well I can actually because you are a sweet heart! I'll have news up in the morning about how everything went on Friday and the progress with the book. You my dear are a true friend and know that you are loved. Also I am soooo proud of you and the progress you are making with your weight and attitude and EVERYTHING. Again what a difference in just these few short months. Sending you great big hugs.

  7. I bought a Kindle copy. Good luck to your friend.

  8. Rick, Thank you so much. You're a sweetheart, but then I think Jilda is pretty o.k., too.

  9. Mel, All I can is I love you, as do all of us who know you, whether we're there in person or loving you from afar.


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