Friday, March 26, 2021


 Hi, Every Buddy! Hi! Hi! Hi!

I gots to tell ya, I had a bad day. Mom gave me that shower she'd been saying I needed. She said I was stinky. That was ridicurous. I stunk good.

She called me to the backyard. I knew what was up. She had the shampoo and the hose with the special shower thing on the end.

I stood still because I'm a cooperative kinda dog, but I didn't like it.

The worst part is always when Mom lifts up my tail and washes my bottom.

It's so embarrassin'.

When the humiliation was over, she dried me with a towel, but she said I was too wet to go in the house! I had to stay on the deck. That hurted my feelings.

So I licked myself dry.

Pissy Penlapee got a shower, too. 

When we got to go inside, Mom put her arm around me and told me how soft and clean my fur was and we fell asleep with the nice sun coming in the window. 

I liked that. I forgave her for the shower.

Okay I love you Bye-Bye.


  1. Poor Franklin. She always loves you - but doesn't want to cuddle you when you smell.

  2. Life does have its ups and downs. Glad it is back to ups. ;)

  3. Well you two...if it's any consolation you do you nice and shiny.

  4. Aww! You're so clean and handsome now, Franklin!

  5. Silky clean dogs get a lot more loving. Prepare yourself, Franklin.

  6. We have to have George on a lead if we try to wash him. And then given the chance he will immediately roll in the grass or worse. Well done, Franklin!


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