Thursday, April 26, 2012


This post comes in third in the race for my most popular posts ever. It's called "Mr. Rogers Did Not Wear a Sweater To Cover Up His Tats."

Gentle Readers,

I don't know why some people love to take reality, no matter how great it is, and try to turn it into something else.

How many of you have received the email that's been making the rounds for years -- the one that says Mr. Rogers was a military hero?

Well, Mr. Rogers was a hero as far as I'm concerned. He truly loved children and wanted to use television as a medium for the betterment of their lives.

But, gee, I love to burst your bubble of stupidity. If you did any research at all, you could easily find out that Fred Rogers never served in the military. First, an email went around that said he was an Army sniper during the Korean "Conflict" with a ton of kills to his credit. Then an email went around that said he was a Navy Seal in Vietnam. Whatever story you got, it always ended with, This battle-hardened veteran wore his sweater to cover up the many tattoos on his arms.  *sob*

Bullshit! Mr. Rogers didn't need his sweater to cover up his non-existent tats because as I recall it, he wore a long-sleeved shirt. He was a veteran of a Presbyterian Seminary who found his life's work and mission in children's television. He never, ever served in the military.

Before you pass on emails that purport to tell implausible truths about people, how about giving them a quick check? It didn't take me long to figure out that Mr. Rogers wasn't in the military. And the minute I saw that email for the first time, I questioned its authenticity. It just didn't sound like Mr. Rogers.

Why must people constantly take reality and try to turn it into something else? I liked Mr. Rogers just the way he was, and he felt the same way about me.

It's you I like.
It's not the clothes you wear.
It's not the way you do your hair.
It's you I like . . . 

Infinities of love,



  1. I believed the rumors--no one ever told me differently.

  2. I've been kicked off of some family email lists for doing this. Some family members *love* to send fantastical crap like "Save our Christian TV shows like..." or "Microsoft is giving away XXXX for anyone who forwards this..." and of course then I have to take some glee in pointing out their idiocy and that if they had taken 3 seconds to google something, they wouldn't now look like a moron.

    And yet somehow I'm the bad guy. :)

  3. fishducky, Now ya done been told.

    Rick, I'm the bad girl in my family. It's o.k.

  4. I have a corker of a spam mail saved that I'm considering turning into a post.

    I might even reply to it.

    Just to let Adriana (who is apparently very horny, wears no knickers and is moving to my city just as soon as she has saved enough money from working the cam site that)that I'm actually female too.

  5. dirtycowgirl, Adriana? No knickers? Whoo-hoo!


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