Monday, April 9, 2012


My Friends,

Do you know the names of Snow White's dwarfs?

Happy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful.

If you had to be one of Snow White's little men, what dwarf would you be?

Before I started taking a decongestant/antihistamine for my spring allergies, I was definitely Sneezy. But most of the time, I'd say I'm Sleepy because I'm so darn tired from doing virtually nothing.

Actually, I have always needed quite a bit of sleep. I don't do well without my 22 hours/day of beauty rest.

But what about you? What dwarf would you be?      

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Oh my goodness! How did that naughty Snow White get here?


  1. Grumpy. He's badass. It's rumored that the last person to mess with Grumpy was the 8th dwarf, now and forever known as Corpsey :)

  2. Rick, I had no idea you were that sort of dwarf. No wonder the naughty Snow White made an appearance.

  3. I would be--& have always been--PUNCHY!!

  4. Sleepy and happy I guess.

  5. I hope you had a great Easter my friend. Now lets talk about this Sleepy thing! You better be getting your little booty outside and getting some exercise. Don't make me come down there. (Especially since you know I'd get lost and never be found again.) As for your allergies I have great stuff that works better than over the counter drugs if you are interested let me know.. Believe me when I say this next couple of months is a nightmare for me and allergies.. We don't play well together! haha

  6. As in punchy drunky, fishducky?

    PAPS, When I'm sleepy I'm happy to take a nap.

    Now, Melynda, don't get a bee in your bonnet. I've worked in the yard the past three days and I'm cleaning house today. But if you want to come to Florida, you let me know and I'll find you.

  7. I'm saying Sleepy too. Sleeping is my favorite. :)

  8. I actually gave this some serious thought. I'd like to say Happy but I think I'm more a combination of all of them. Heavy on the Grumpy & Sleepy at certain times. ;)

  9. Horney! I'm the one who sits over in the dark making funny sounds. But it was a kids show, so the paid me to stay hid.

  10. Nicki and Beth, We have a lot of sleepy heads, except for Coffey, who is a dirty old dwarf man.

  11. Most often I would be Happy.
    Given half a chance on the week-end I'd be Sleepy.
    In my younger hippy days I was definately Dopey. When my boy was sick I was Doc.
    When I don't get enough of being Sleepy I'm Grumpy
    If I sleep on a feather pillow I'm Sneezy.
    But I have never been Bashful.


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