Friday, April 27, 2012


My Dear Friends,

This week's Friday question comes from a lady I'm proud to call my pal, dirtycowgirl. Someday I shall make my long-awaited visit to England, and the very first thing I'll do is find the nastiest dirtycowgirl in London. I hope we're both still alive when I can afford to go, which may be never.

dirtycowgirl's question is as follows: Have you ever had a threesome, if not would you like to, and if so would you have two men or two women ?

My Dearest dirtycowgirl, Jane, Jane, Jane, 

I have a threesome every single night with two men, a Bordernese named Franklin and a smooth 

collie/malinoix named Harper. Nobody does it better than those two puppies.

Now, I'll be honest: No, I have never had a threesome. I've barely had twosomes.

Threesomes really don't interest me. I'd be thrilled if one man could stand me.

But thanks for playing. That was an excellent question and could have been answered in a very nasty 

way if you had asked the right girl.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug


  1. I don't understand why everyone makes such a big deal about sex. What does it take--a minute or two? (Although I hear it's longer if you have a partner!)

  2. Not even if it was Johnny and Ryan ?

    Yeah I bet you wouldn't say no.

    Maybe we should meet in the middle, there must be a hot desert island with a fabulous sandy beach somewhere in the middle of the pond.

  3. LOL--Loved how you answered it! Yeah, the whole threesome thing never appealed to me either. I just need one man, and that's tough enough to find. lol

  4. fishducky, I wouldn't know.

    Frisky, I was going to say you understand me perfectly, but then dirtycowgirl brought up Johnny and Ryan.

    dirtycowgirl, Now you have me all confused.

  5. Well since I got married at 8 my exposure to those opportunities was limited. Maybe in my next life

  6. My Dear Mrs. Tuna,

    You didn't accomplish much before you were 8, did you?



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