Thursday, April 5, 2012


Friends, This lovely post is from Jaya at Pickles n' Tickles.

This is a prayer during my intimate time with God. Not always but I do have a bit of faith-related personal time every now and then. The prayer speaks of a lot of love. Of the people and things that matter to me, and a personal struggle in still trying to find a place in my heart to love unconditionally or freely if that's even possible because sometimes I'm just too selfish for my own good. 

I praise and thank you for this day. 
For another day in my life. 
Thank you Lord for preserving my going out and coming in,
and thank you for the food you've given me today. 

I thank you Lord for my dear husband. 
For my parents and brother. 
I thank you for my uncles, their wives and children. 
Thank you Lord for my parents in law, 
Alex, Jane and Suaran. 
Thank you for being with them. 

Lord, I pray for all those who know me, 
and also for those who don't know me. 
I pray for my dear colleagues, friends and relatives.

Lord, be with those who need you at this very moment. 
Victims of natural disasters and those trapped in war zones. 
Those who've just lost their loved one. 
Comfort those who're in bad relationships, 
lonely people, the homeless, 
and those who're battling against illnesses. 
Walk with them and carry them when they can't walk anymore, 
like how you've carried me through some of the lowest points of my life. 
Thank you, Lord. 

Thank you Lord for loving me despite all that I am. 
Thank you Lord for showing me Love, 
and help me to love others like how you love me. 
Thank you for knowing me. 


Brava, Jaya. Thank you for sharing with us. We send you loads of bloggy love.


  1. I assume this is from JAYA. You forgot to give her credit for a well written post.

  2. That's beautiful Jane. I hope you are having a lovely day!

  3. fishducky and Mel, I'm so sorry. Although I'd been writing a heads up earlier in the week that Jaya would be here today, I totally forgot to put her name at the top of the post or to thank her. But I've added the information now.

  4. thanks Janie for having me here.
    hope you are well and thanks for the comments.


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