Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I don't know why this is my all-time most popular post. It's called "Dumpy Men With Beautiful Skinny Wives."

Gentle Readers,

I watched the dvd of Couples Retreat recently and felt perturbed by a prominent aspect of the movie.

Granted, it had some amusing moments, especially the tantric yoga scenes.

But how come these four men, two of whom are decidedly unattractive and one of whom is downright obese, are with such extremely beautiful and almost too slender women? Yes, all four women were very, very good looking.

Maybe they married these men for their wit, charm, and good humor, but studies have demonstrated that people who are considered really good looking usually marry other really good looking people and people who are not so great looking usually marry other not so great looking people.

I don't get it. It's o.k. for the men to have beer bellies, have the face of a bulldog (don't fret bulldog owners - bulldogs are beautiful, but their faces are not right for men), or look like neanderthals whose knuckles should be dragging on the ground, be workaholics, ignore the little lady's interests, and she's not going to dump him and go off with a good looking guy who worships her and gives her everything she wants?

That's Hollywood for you. The men don't have to look great, but there's a different standard for women.

During Seinfeld's heyday, I knew some college girls who referred to what they had labeled "George Syndrome"; specifically, George Costanza who was pretty chubby, rude, and balding, went out with good-looking women all the time. Do you remember George ever having an ugly date? And what did George have to offer? A bad temper and a spotty employment history. He didn't even have his own apartment all the time. He had to move back in with his parents for a while.

George Syndrome: It's for the birds, and I'll flip you one movie and television industry.

Not so lovingly,



  1. Rudolph is good looking. I got lucky. So did he!

  2. Stephanola, You are so adorable I can hardly stand it. And you proved my point: Good looking people stick together.

  3. I guess you're right--I'm gorgeous (yeah, right) & so is my husband! Do you remember his picture with the pink hat? I bet you've never seen an ugly fishducky.

    When Jennifer Anniston was married to Brad Pitt, she said her husband was prettier than she was.

    Do women ever go after "trophy" husbands?

  4. I never understood this atrocity depicted by Hollywood. I also hate how the men are always stupid baboons who can hardly tie their own shoes and their wives are the only brains in the relationship and do absolutely everything. That is definitely not the case in my house! ;)
    I do like a belly on a man and can be easily turned off by a muscled up 'beef cake'. Six packs just look unnatural and gross to me so my realistic mind likes a realistic man....belly and all. Hollywood will never get it right, which is sad because people actually look to it as 'the norm'. Thankfully I got a real man who also liked a real woman, curves, pale skin and all!

  5. fishducky, I suppose some women go after trophy husbands, but I can't think of any examples. I know I don't want one because then all the other women would be after him.

    Maggie, In my former home, I was definitely the brains behind the operation. Now that I live with dogs, this is no longer true. However, I also like real-looking people. And real-looking dogs!

  6. Aww come on - we all know why these beautiful thin women are with these old, overweight and rich men.

  7. dirtycowgirl, I'm going to guess that in addition to the men being farther along in their careers so they make more money that the women also want them so they'll throw up more often. A tubful of lard helps the bulimia along.


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