Monday, April 2, 2012


Dear Friends,

This week's What? Monday question is going to make you think for a while, or perhaps you won't have to think at all. You'll immediately say "rats" or "spiders laying eggs in my ear."

The question is What is your greatest fear?

I've been horribly afraid of any sort of bug for as long as I can remember, but since moving to Florida, I've had to slay dragons (a.k.a. lizards) and battle the ugly palmetto bug.

Don't fret -- that's not me. I'm much prettier when I have Florida's state bird on my nose. Yes, the palmetto bug can fly. It's a gigantic, flying cockroach.

I've also had to take care of a dead rat that my boys killed, hoping I would cook it for dinner.

They were disappointed.

So, I've kind of become accustomed to nasty things that run around. Although I don't like them, I'm not as afraid of them as I used to be.

Ever since Mary Jo Kopechne died, I've been afraid of drowning in a car. That fear has stayed with me through the years.

But my fears are changing as I grow older. I think my greatest fear now is that my children might not be happy and somehow it will be my fault. The Hurricane swears I spanked her once when she was little. I swear I didn't. What if I'm wrong and I ruined her life by spanking her?

Nah. I'm just kidding. I think I'm really afraid I'll spend the rest of my life alone, the crazy old lady in the house with ten million barking pooping dogs.

Uh, wait. I'm already the crazy old lady with barking pooping dogs. Foiled again.
Now how 'bout you? What is your greatest fear?

Infinities of love,

Janie Junenotapalmettobug

This Thursday's (final) guest postess on the topic of love and intimacy is Jaya J of Pickles n' Tickles.


  1. I simply hate hate cockroaches. We have loads in our country and since I am so scared of them I have netted all my windows and get my house sprayed every month just for to make sure I dont stumble upon one.

  2. I used to have a fear of dying young, but now that I'm 77, I don't worry about it as much. I still hate those creepy crawly things.

  3. My greatest fear is of this link not working, something you should read:

    The first chapter of "The Beginner's Goodbye" by Anne Tyler

  4. Oh. Turns out it's chapter 2. I didn't realize until after I sent the link.

  5. Rory, Wow. Just wow. The way she captures Hopkins in a few sentences. I've pre-ordered the book so it will be here soon. Thanks for the link. I want to hear my heroine's voice.

  6. fishducky, I predict you'll live until you are 177.

    PAPS, Cockroaches are so disgusting. Can you believe there are people who eat roaches and slugs and other nasty little critters?

  7. My greatest fear? Fire. Have no idea where this fear originated from but it's been with me for as long as I can remember.
    A close second? Mice. I can deal with one - just not a bunch of them running around my home.

    Good to be back!

  8. Beth, Those are two reasonable fears. However, I'm more afraid of mice than of fire, which probably doesn't make sense when a fire can kill me, but I doubt if a mouse has killed a person. Maybe a mouse who's an arsonist. Oh! I know. I heard about a mouse chewing on wiring and starting a fire. Mice and fire are a dangerous combination.

  9. Calling them something "nice" like Palmetto bug doesn't make them any less disgusting. When our older son was in his twenties, (UGH! twenty years ago!) he moved to Florida for a few months to take a job. Ended up not liking it there and moved back home for a month or so until he got himself another place. Well, when he brought his furniture into the house, he brought that damned Palmetto bugs with him. They'd built a nest, or whatever the hell they build, inside the sliding doors of his coffee table. (Mother was not pleased.) Took us forever to get rid of them things, which my hubby refused to call Palmetto bugs. Or roached. He called 'em Toyotas.

    Anyway, what I'm afraid of. Since I nearly drowned in the ocean two different times as a kid, I used to be terrified of drowning, and would have nightmares about tidal waves. Not so much anymore. Now, the only thing I fear is of outliving the people I love.

  10. Susan, I'm amazed you almost drowned in the ocean twice. I would think the first time would have taught you to stay on the beach. Fear of outliving the people you love is really very sweet. It's unusual that the palmetto bugs built a nest in the furniture. They usually prefer to live outdoors. When I find one in my house, it's almost always dead. Occasionally they run in the house when the dogs are going in or out, and then I have to crunch them to death. Although they can fly, they don't run as fast as smaller cockroaches so it's easier to kill them.

  11. Spiders are easily my biggest fear but followed closely by Branden dying over here and me having to cope with everything in another country. It would take a long time for family to get here and I don't know what I'd do! But yes, spiders are actually the biggest fear...does that seem wrong???

  12. Maggie, You were probably afraid of spiders before you ever met Branden, so, no, it's not wrong that they are your biggest fear. As for Branden, he's not going to die anytime soon. But if the Guinness truck runs over him, we'll all work together to get help to you.

  13. Howdy neighbor!!! I'll be down your way soon. Once I get settled we MUST get together and meet. I would love that. My fear are bugs too. These palmetto bugs are downright nasty and the lizards too but I don't jump onto of the bed anymore. I have to get them out. Now snakes....that's a whole 'nother story! Big Hugs!

  14. Barb, I've never seen a snake here. The lizards are annoying, but harmless. Palmetto bugs look really gross, but I've never had more than one at a time get in the house. They like to be outside where they have a water source. I've been to Daytona a couple of times. It seems to be a nice area.

  15. I have many MANY fears. Some rational, some not. I don' really know what my biggest fear is... probably fire.

    OH! And almost dying on the toilet. Because then I'd have to LIVE with the embarrassment of someone seeing me. :)

  16. Juli, You're so funny -- ALMOST dying on the toilet. It would be better to actually die on the toilet because then you wouldn't know who was looking at you.


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