Monday, May 16, 2011


Gentle Readers,

I've been involved in two hit and runs this year, and, no, I didn't hit, nor did I run -- well, o.k., there was that old guy on the bike -- no, never mind.

First, my car was parked in front of Favorite Young Man's house. During the night, someone hit the driver's side hard enough to dent it and scrape the paint. I know the car was red because my car had red streaks on it.

But that's all I know about the car. I know nothing about the driver except he/she was a jerk. No one left a note or pounded on the door to provide insurance information and beg for forgiveness.

$1300 in damage.

Then recently I started to back out of my parking space at the grocery store and suddenly I noticed that the person behind me and to my right had also started to back up. I was first, but no matter, the other driver kept coming in spite of my quick honking. I tried to put the car in gear and move back into my space, but I didn't have a chance. The other car kept coming and hit my bumper.

I got out of my car, but while other shoppers on foot and I watched in astonishment, the car pulled away.
I called the police, but no one was able to read her tag. We aren't going to find her -- unless I happen to run into her the next time I visit the store (tee hee). Fortunately, she didn't do much damage. Just a little cracked paint on the bumper. I know it's not enough damage to exceed my insurance deductible so I decided against filing a report with the police because it would go to the insurance company and I don't want them thinking I hang out in crazy places where it's easy to hit my car. I don't really go anyplace wild, and yet I'm starting to wonder if everyplace has out of control drivers who simply do not care.

When I took the car in to be checked after the first hit, the insurance appraiser told me she used to see one, maybe two, hit and runs in a month. Now she sees multiple hit and runs every week.

I think that says something about us as a society, and I think it says something about our economy.

And it's disconcerting for your careful driver Lola to be hit twice in a few months. I can't stay at home all the time. Kibble simply must be purchased.

Infinities of love,



  1. Oh Lola, you're so funny! I'm sorry you had to be hit then had the drivers run off. But here you are, ever witty and delightful!

  2. Ah shucks, Sandra. Thanks.



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