Monday, May 9, 2011


Gentle Readers,

Franklin and I are playing a new game called Doggie Toy Sneakery.

Here's how to play: Leave the back door open because the weather is nice. The dogs can come and go as they please, enjoying their well-fenced back yard.

However, Franklin has a hidden agenda. He takes the doggie toys to the back yard and leaves them there. I bring the doggie toys in and put them on the family room floor.

Franklin takes the toys to the living room, pretending he will play with them there. Then, when I'm not looking, he sneaks them to the back yard.

I sneak them back in and put them in the family room.

This game can continue all day and provides hours of fun.

But somehow, Franklin is winning. He is ahead by two because that's how many doggie toys I can't find.

The dogs are definitely taking over my world.

Infinities of love,


1 comment:

  1. My dogs play this game with each other, too -- Lucy carries the doggie bone in, then goes back out to carry in the stuffed squeaky toy; meanwhile Sparky finds the doggie bone and carries it outside, but then gets confused because now he can't seem to find that stuffed squeaky toy.... They both look so proud when they have "pulled one over" on the other!


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