Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Gentle Readers,

My dear friend LegalMist recently wrote a post about her experience with The Idiot who hit her car. What happened to LegalMist was much worse than my car being hit twice recently, but last night, something happened that frightened Franklin. The two young men who were involved could have been much worse idiots than they turned out to be.

Franklin and I were out for our evening constitutional when suddenly two young men, about 16 years old, came around a corner on bicycles. One of them came straight at us and then swerved at the last second. Franklin cowered and looked up at me in absolute terror. I don't care that much about my car being hit, but by God, you'd better not frighten my Franklin.

Fortunately, Franklin stayed with me and didn't bolt. Although he's always on a lead, he's so strong that if he really wanted to get away from me or drag me to the ground, he could. But Franklin is such a good dog.

The two butt heads rode away. I was pissed and upset and I shouted, You scared him. That was really mean.

The one who didn't ride toward us shouted back an apology immediately and I heard him tell the other boy, Hey, go back there and apologize to that lady.

The perpetrator returned and said, I'm sorry ma'am.

I thanked him, but I also warned him that it can be dangerous to frighten a dog. Dogs who are upset might chase a rider and bite his penis off before ripping the rest of him to shreds  bite him. Franklin is fast.

I comforted Franklin as much as possible and we continued toward home, but my poor boy was pretty skittish and unhappy. Franklin is old enough that he might not recover completely from his experiences as a stray. However, he's made progress, and I don't want him to lose ground.

So, kids on bikes, go ahead and ride. It's cool. But don't come at my Franklin or you will have one pissed off Lola on your hands and it won't be pretty if it happens again.

I'll tell Favorite Young Man on you.

Infinities of love,


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