Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Gentle Readers,

Long ago, I worked with someone named Fuckin' Larry. When my employment with a particular company commenced, I foolishly believed this young gentleman's name was simply Larry.

Thank God everyone set me straight.

I learned by simply listening.

Where's that Fuckin' Larry? That Fuckin' Larry is never at his desk. Nobody can ever find that Fuckin' Larry.

But when I began each day's toil, it was Fuckin' Larry I asked when I needed help with a problem. He was always nice and friendly and came to help me immediately when no one else would. I soon noticed that much of his time was taken up by solving everyone's problems.

That's why Fuckin' Larry spent so little time at his desk. So the next time I heard a manager complain about Fuckin' Larry, I pointed out that Fuckin' Larry's real job had migrated. He had been transformed into the office savior. The manager had to admit it was true.

I hope I was of some assistance to that very kind young man by pointing out that he was Helpful Fuckin' Larry.

But I still like the name Fuckin' Larry, and were I of childbearing age, perhaps I would pass on that name to a son. Maybe I can convince my children, should they ever get around to presenting me with grandchildren, that Fuckin' Larry makes an excellent moniker.

Obviously memorable.

Infinities of love,



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