Saturday, March 19, 2011


Gentle Readers,

When I arrive in Heaven, which can't be soon enough, Faulkner the smooth collie and the other dogs I've loved, Emily Dickinson, and Sylvia Plath will be there to greet me. We will sit down together and I will stroke Faulkner's beautiful coat again and tell him how much I love him and he'll hear me because he's not deaf anymore. Thoreau the hound dog won't limp or be in pain anymore and he'll look at me with those big brown eyes. Kesey will be able to see and he'll be even happier and more carefree than he was when he was blind. Robin's cancer will be all gone and she'll have a bed to hog.

The dogs and I will sit down with Emily and Sylvia, and we will talk about their poetry and they will answer all my questions about technique.

That will be a happy day.

Infinities of love,


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  1. Many days it is easy to dream of a better life in the hereafter. But please be careful what you wish for. There is much to love in this life, too... many who love you, who need you, who will miss you when you have gone. Don't wish it all away. Hang in there.
    Infinities of love,


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