Monday, March 21, 2011


Gentle Readers,

Frankie Big Paws has been with me for five months now. He is not the same dog.

That dog, who arrived here back in October, was timid and terrified. He was so intimidated that he couldn't eat in the same room as the other dogs. Even when he made enough progress to leave his crate during meals, he could only advance enough to eat in the hall next to the dining room, and if Scout approached him after Scout, who is a bit piggish, had finished his meal, Franklin would run to his crate, leaving me to grab Franklin's bowl to keep Scout from getting seconds. Franklin would then finish eating in his crate, if he wasn't too scared. Sometimes he was too frightened to finish eating.

When we saw other people or dogs when we were out walking, he was overwhelmed. He jumped, startled, and wanted to run away. It was hard to hold the lead. He's a good sized, strong dog.

Franklin remains a good sized, strong dog, but that petrified pooch of five months ago is gone. He is now a confident canine. Franklin enjoys his meals at his leisure and never makes a mad dash away from the dish. He loves to play with his brothers, especially Harper. When we meet someone on our walks, he can't wait to greet all newcomers. He enjoys a good butt sniff and doesn't object to being sniffed himself. He licks a new person's hand, and recently met a baby for the first time. He seemed kind of surprised by this smaller than usual person, but with permission from the little guy's dad, gave the baby's hand a lick.

He still likes to sit next to me while I read or watch movies, but he doesn't HAVE to be next to me. He can deal with it if Scout or Harper snags the spot next to me first and doesn't try to shove his way in. He's a good car companion and sits in the back seat very nicely, never interfering with my driving. He continues to learn and is extremely smart and obedient. It takes only the smallest gesture with my index finger and he sits. He also sits the minute he sees the lead. This guy knows the routine.

I am so proud of Franklin, so grateful that God brought him my way, so happy that we are together.

Infinities of love,


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