Sunday, March 6, 2011


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Women rule Conviction, based on the true story of Betty Anne Waters, who got her GED, put herself through college, and then law school, so she could get Kenny Waters, her brother -- wrongfully convicted of murder -- out of prison.

Although Sam Rockwell is very good as Kenny, it's the women in this movie who really shine. Hilary Swank play Betty Anne (shoulda gotten an Oscar nomination); Minnie Driver plays Abra Rice, Betty Anne's law school and then lawyer pal who helps get Kenny out; Melissa Leo, who just won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Fighter, plays a dirty cop who made sure Kenny was convicted without reason; and Juliette Lewis is excellent in a small role as a former girlfriend of Kenny's who was threatened by the bad cops and then testified to help put him away.

Ultimately, it's the emergence of DNA evidence and the help of Barry Scheck's Innocence Project that proves Kenny innocent -- one of the reasons I'm opposed to the death penalty. Kenny Waters was in prison for 18 years, and if Massachusetts had had the death penalty, he would have died long before he was proven innocent. Far too many innocent people are put to death.

I'm not going to tell you what happens in the end. You should watch it for yourself, but have a box of tissues handy. After my infinities of love closing, I'm going to add a piece of trivia about the movie. You might not want to read it until you've seen this definitely worth watching DVD.

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The real Kenny Waters died six months after he got out of prison, the result of an accidental fall. His sister is happy that at least he died a free man.

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