Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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Subject: William's future

Carol --

I want to tell you about a family in Minnesota.

Justin and Kari live in Brooklyn Park, right outside of

Minneapolis. They're parents to three children. 
Their three-year-old, William, was born with a
genetic disorder called tuberous sclerosis complex.

For the rest of his life, William will wrestle with 

tumors in his brain, his heart, his kidneys, his 
skin, and possibly other major organs. He must 
take medication to control seizures and faces 
the threat of kidney disease.

What Justin and Kari want for William is a future. 

And because of health reform, that's what he'll have.

Today, insurance companies are no longer able to 

discriminate against William because of the condition
he's dealt with since birth. Now, Justin and Kari know 
they'll be able to get the kind of care that William 
needs -- today and into the future.

Their story isn't unique, but it's one of many that 

need to be told. We all know people whose lives 
have been changed because of the Affordable Care 
Act, even if we don't realize it. So we've found a way 
to show exactly how reform is working for all of
us -- for our parents, our siblings, our kids, ourselves.

Will you take a minute to take our Health

 Reform Checkup and let the people you 
love know how reform is working for them?

Before the Affordable Care Act, Justin and Kari weren't 

sure about the future. They worried that they'd never 
be able to find coverage for William again if Justin lost 
his job. They worried about the life that William would
lead -- whether he'd ever be able to work or support a family.

Not anymore. William's condition isn't going away, 

but he'll always be able to get care. The Affordable 
Care Act is one year old today, and it has already 
changed William's life -- and this country -- for good.

Today, there are families who feel better about the 

future than they did a year ago. They've found some 
security, some relief. And these are people we know. 
They're our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends, 
our families -- the people next to us every day.

On the one-year anniversary of the Affordable 

Care Act, I think we have a duty to discuss how 
reform is already working.

Watch Justin and Kari tell their story, and

 take a moment to learn how health reform
is changing the lives of those you know:

A year ago, I stood next to the President as 

he signed health reform into law -- and we
have you to thank for making that possible.



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