Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Gentle Readers,

I saw the DVD Winter's Bone this evening, and I pronounce it worthy of viewing, but not with children in the room.

Ree (Jennifer Lawrence) lives a hardscrabble life in the tough world of the hardscrabble part of Missouri. She is most definitely a character worthy of WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME. Ree takes care of her younger brother and sister and her mama who has some sort of mental illness and doesn't speak much or do much. Ree's daddy, who cooks meth -- the gentle days of moonshine are gone -- has disappeared after using the family's house and tract of timber to post bond.

In this coming of age story that involves some bleeding, Ree, who seems as if she's already done enough to be considered a grownup, crosses over into another type of adulthood -- one that is not for the weak of stomach or the fearful. It's truly a beautifully made movie, but not always easy to watch.

I can certainly see why Jennifer Lawrence received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Well done, Ms. Lawrence, and the same to you, director Debra Granik.

Infinities of love,


Ree: I'd be lost without the weight of you two on my back. I ain't going anywhere. 

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