Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today I finally fell apart.

I’d been threatening to do it and last week cracks started opening up in the soft skin around my finger nails.

Cracks spread like egg, broken.
Then this morning, fell off the wall.
Stress fractures.
Pieces of my shell broke off.

Walk in the door and be careful - don’t trip over right foot.
Clue to location of left foot: Dog dragged it under the bed.
Nibbled toes

Head intact in front of humming refrigerator, mouth agape thirsty for drink of my favorite blue raspberry juice.
Torso asleep on the bed.
One leg leaning against the closet seeking lead to take black lab to park.
Other leg propping open back door.
Arm One in recliner, hand holding remote.
Arm Two holding book.

I always said that if I died my body would just keep going, doing all the things it’s supposed to do.
It’s trying, but the shell is too scattered.

C’mon all the king’s horses and all the king’s men.
Gather the pieces in a pile.
Help me out here now.
Put crazy glue in my right hand.
I’ll put myself back together again.

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