Saturday, March 27, 2010


Gentle Readers,

This week I read Jeannette Walls' latest, Half Broke Horses. It is her maternal grandmother's story, written in first person.

I enjoyed it so much that I immediately re-read The Glass Castle, which is really quite an amazing memoir.

Before reading these, I read Mary Karr's three memoirs, The Liars Club, Cherry, and Lit.

I think when I write my memoir I should call it Half Broke Liars. Maybe people will think I have a little Jeannette and Mary in me and I'll have me a little success.

Actually, I came across a Web site where people posted comments about The Liars Club and somebody said he/she lived on the same street as Mary Karr and that the Karr family lived a life of absolute misery and other people said Oh yes, it was obvious that it was just misery, misery, misery. And I thought, Gee, it seemed kinda like normal life to me. So maybe I had a crazy childhood too, or maybe we all just have crazy childhoods.

I have also started reading a blog I thoroughly recommend: It's hilarious. Before long I'll be wanting to marry the guy who writes it. I already want to marry the guy who does It's Priceless!

I need all the hilarity in my life that I can get.


Dumped First Wife

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