Sunday, March 21, 2010


Gentle Readers,

I've been watching Breaking Bad, which I find darkly humorous and moving.

Earlier today, I watched an episode in which Walt's wife tearfully told her boss, "Walt's been battling cancer."

When did we as a society start referring to people who survive cancer as having beaten it? They're in a war against cancer and somehow they manage to win. Is it because those people are tougher than cancer?

So if some people can beat cancer, if some people are winners, then what does that say about the people who die from it?

Well, I tell ya, Old Moe just didn't fight hard enough. If he'd put on the gloves one more time and given Cancer a punch in the nose, he'd still be alive today. Terrible thing for him to do to Flossie, leavin' her this way. That bastard just never fought hard enough at anything he did. Lazy sumbitch.

I guess people who die from cancer should have a great big L tattooed on their foreheads, those fuckin' losers who just wouldn't try hard enough.

Some diseases and illnesses can be controlled.

Some can't, no matter how hard the sick person tries to hang in there.

That's life.

That's death.


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