Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Dipsomnia Dreams

I read lit by mary karr and I decided to drink some whiskey because it would make me smart and beautiful and successful and get me a teaching job at a university and I would make some serious money when I wrote my memoirs about how I got abused when I was a little kid and people picked on me but I had great mentors in college and had some minor success but the whiskey would bring real success because I could write about beating the never-ending desire for whiskey and I definitely need the whiskey success route because my husband dumped me so I put ice in my green Tupperware cup and added a splash of whiskey and poured in some diet coke and then added another splash of whiskey and I kind of sucked it up through clenched teeth because it didn’t taste so great in fact it was kind of like drinking really nasty medicine that’s intended to cure you of something horrible and it cured me of the desire to drink whiskey because there was the aftertaste and by the time I got to the bottom of the Tupperware cup I was pretty drunk so I had to go in my bedroom and lie down for two hours and cope with being drunk and I certainly didn’t accomplish anything that way so now I know that whiskey is not the bottle to be spun to success.


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