Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Gentle Readers,

My son's young lady love has been a regular visitor of late. She comes complete with dog family, which can change with each visit.

During her most recent stay, she had her dachshund, two chihuahuas she's fostering, and a chihuahua she was pet sitting. When she came into the house carrying a chihuahua, at first I thought it was one of hers, but it turned out the pet sitting chihuahua had a curled tail like a pig's, although very small, of course, while her same-colored fostered chihuahua has a straight tail.

Mr. M, the chihuahua being sat, came into the house on his first evening and started running around checking out the place. I find chihuahuas quite amusing because they don't really look like dogs, at least not to me with my two collies and black lab mix. I think the chihuahuas look more like slightly enlarged gerbils.

Anyway, I followed Mr. M as he looked around the house and he decided to stop on the only piece of carpet in the house, an area rug in the living room. Mr. M then went into chihuahua pooping stance.

I shouted, He's pooping! He's pooping! as I snatched him up and tried to dash to the back yard with him.

Too late. He had already left a tiny pooper on the rug and as I scurried along, holding him in front of me as if he were a bomb about to blow up, more little poopers popped from him as we ran.

I thought it was hilarious.

I guess I'm not too freaked out by poop, after working in a nursing home at one time. And of course chihuahua poop is absolutely nothing compared to collie poop. When we had our hound dog, oh my goodness, his poop looked like big brown barrels.

Well, I guess that's enough poop discussion for now. If you like, you can send me your amusing poop experiences and I'll publish them for you.

I really enjoy having the young lady love here along with her creatures. My elderly collie tries to herd the chihuahuas and when they lie down he stands guard over them. He's so much more active when they're here. It's good for him and it's good for me.


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