Monday, March 1, 2010


Gentle Readers,

I have finished watching the Olympic Winter Games on my DVR and I pronounce them a great success. You can now tell me who won the medals and I will say, Yes, I know.

Unfortunately, the games began with a tinge of sadness when a Georgian bobsledder was killed in an accident on the "world's fastest track," but life and the games go on.

From the Opening Ceremony to the closing on the last night of February, the Canadians conducted themselves with grace and humor. I'm not even upset that the Canadians managed to whip it out in the end and win gold in ice hockey. Our American team did a great job and brung home the silver. That's fine. I know that gold means the world to Canada.

If you don't know how Canada rescued six American diplomats in 1979 during the Iranian hostage crisis, then do yourself a favor and conduct a little research. Our neighbors to the north are some darned good folks. We could learn some lessons from them about health care, manners, and most important, how to stop shooting each other.

Canada, long may you run, long may you run, long may you run.

Love ya Canada,

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