Monday, January 26, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

As we welcomed the new year, clad in a disposable diaper (the new year's baby--not us, well maybe some of us), I let you know in a post that I had to cut back on my blogging time. I had to make other parts of my life priorities, including editing, writing, reading, and taking better care of myself.

With those goals in mind, most of my blog posts have decreased in length; I don't respond to all comments, just a few by email; I don't comment on as many blogs as I did previously; and although I read as many blogs as time allows, I don't read as many as I did before.

Since I initiated these changes, I've noticed that my page views have been cut in half, but the comments have continued to arrive.

What do you think of the adjustments I've made?  Do you feel neglected if I don't comment on your blog? Are you brokenhearted when I don't respond to your comment? I can't imagine that shorter posts would upset anyone.

I'd love to know what you think. If you have suggestions for ways to improve my blog, or if you can't stand me, then please tell me so I can ignore you.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

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  1. Write whatever you want, when you want--I'll read it (& probably comment)!!

  2. I always feel more inclined to comment when people reply to the comments I leave. Just because somebody visits my blog, doesn't mean I'm going to automatically go follow them. (Usually, I forget to even check their blogs out, oops.) But none of that actually matters. What does matter is that you're happy and healthy and you're happy with the choices you make because it is your life.

  3. I'm a 'newbie' so not at all.. just happy when you get the time to pop by etc, as i appreciate your feedback. I need to take a leaf out of your book and make my post shorter as they're easier to read for others. Life is busy.. it's just that i talk so bloomin' much sometimes

  4. You do you and I will still stop by to visit! ;)

  5. Y'know, until you mentioned it, I didn't notice a length decrease. Also, I don't care about that quid-pro-quo commenting thing. I read a blog because I enjoy it, not so that the writer will come over and comment on mine (for the most part). As someone who doesn't respond to most of the comments I get, I understand and it doesn't bother me, because I probably wouldn't notice if you replied here. Although, I did enjoy our occasional email conversations. Keep doing what you're doing, I say.

  6. The page views definitely diminish once your commenting lessens - that is what brings many people to our posts since the Blogger dashboard has been messing up for a while. Whenever life gets busy though, we have no choice but to cut back on visits. I have cut back myself to be honest!

  7. Good morning, dear Janie Junebug!

    If you are honestly open to suggestions, then I ask that you post glamorous OOTD selfies several times a week. I thank you in advance!

    This is a great time for me to put all kidding aside and simply tell the truth. Blogging is time consuming, Your time is valuable and so is mine. Your private life, your health, your work and your family need to be your main priorities. Those same things need to be my priorities. For that reason I will be following your example and making adjustments this year.

    I admire your decision to limit the length of your posts. I also admire bloggers who limit the number of times they publish per week. It is the sensible and responsible thing to do. It shows respect for the other guy's time. In 2008, when I started blogging, I published an average of twice a week. Today I publish an average of once a week. Granted my posts are long and it takes time to read the text and watch 5 or 6 videos, but that's precisely why I give readers an entire week to do it before the next post is published.

    To answer your question, yes indeed, I do feel neglected if a blog friend fails to visit my blog and comment, given the fact that readers have an entire week between posts to show up. This is especially true of bloggers who publish 3, 4 or 5 times a week and expect me to be there for them every time. Starting this year I cannot and will not carry a 3 to 1, 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 ratio with another blogger unless that blogger reciprocates in a meaningful way. My new rule is this, Janie. If a blogger friend no longer makes my blog a priority, then I will not make his or her blog a priority. Chronic absence from my blog implies that my content is not as interesting or important as the other person's. That is an insult. Why should I continue to take an interest in what the delinquent blogger is doing if they make it painfully clear they aren't interested in what I'm doing?

    Here's the bottom line. If a sketchy blogger doesn't show up for me the entire week a post is running or if they consistently phone in their comments, they will be placed on the bubble - "double secret probation." If that blogger skips a week's worth of my posts (a total of one) then I will skip a week's worth of his or her posts (3, 4, 5 or more). If the pattern persists then I will unsubscribe. It's tough love but it's the only fair way to go about it. In 2015 there will be no more freebies. From now on I will service only paying customers.

    You have every right to your own blogging philosophy, Janie, but mine is as follows. Every comment on my blog deserves a reply. If a reader is nice enough to make time to read my post and leave an intelligent comment, then the least I can do is welcome them, thank them and do my best to leave an intelligent reply. If I remain "silent" and do not reply, it's like having a guest drop by to visit me in my home and ignoring them and refusing to speak to them. If I ever get so busy that I no longer have time to reply to every comment on my own blog, then I automatically know something's wrong, my life is out of balance and I need to cut back somewhere else. Some of us bite off more than we can chew. We follow more blogs than we can possibly read in a day's time. It's not fair to subscribe to a blog to which you cannot devote an adequate amount of time and effort. When you spread yourself too thin you do a disservice to your fellow bloggers and diminish the art of blogging.

    Thank you, Janie!

  8. Janie, I always enjoy your posts and your comments, but we all need some break from posting to keep our posts fresh. I tend to write shorter posts, as I know my readers have lots more to read than mine! Have a special week, girlfriend.

  9. Your changes are fine with me. My nose is still in joint.

  10. Quality over quantity. You say what you need to say in a shorter post, so who can complain?

    Traffic numbers are always a nice ego boost, but I'm happier to see our friends come by and say something meaningful. Yourself most definitely included. That beats a high page count number any day.

  11. It's your fault that I'm an ODC dyslexic commenter.

  12. I never look at stats, except for grins and maybe to see how much traffic I have from China. It is what it is; you get a read when you pop up on the dash board, or not. If you have something I might enjoy commenting on, I do. I never know if I get answered until the next time I read the blog and might scroll down to look at the last post--if I remember. And, that's all I know about this business. I'll always read you.

  13. You have to think of you first and not feel guilty or bad about what people, whom you have never met, feel. We understand and we like what you write and will continue to visit. There are more important things to be upset about and if we get upset by someone who does not blog as often due to time constraints, issues or just they became bored with blogging, then the reader needs to rethink. I enjoy reading your blog and there ya have it:)

  14. Bloggers gotta do what they gotta do. I don't expect anyone to comment on my comments, but I will always try and leave a comment on blogs I follow.

  15. I've been blogging since 2006. I have accepted the fact that everyone does it their own way. There are no requirements.

  16. I think that you have to make it work for you and the blog is not your life - it's just something you do.

    I'm one of those folks that post five days a week, but some of mine aren't very long. In my case, I'm trying to write every day and draw (but sometimes, I'm doing a lot of that offline).

    Comments are a pleasure, for me - I love to chime in. Sometimes, however, the blogger has covered a topic so well that I don't feel I have much to add to it, other than a "good job, buddy!" A phony comment is transparent, so I try not to do that.

    Anyway, that's my two cents. As for numbers, I still can't figure out why someone reads or doesn't read my posts.

  17. I guess I agree with Dixie. Everyone does it their own way. I've seen people shift and change how they blog over the years. If it gets to taking too much time people have to experiment and adjust the way they blog and comment and reply to comments--or not. In a perfect world I would reply to every comment and I would comment on every blog post I follow, but that's not realistic. For me, anyways. I do my best. It has shifted over the months and years...and will probably shift again. I am not offended by other bloggers (unless they say mean things--LOL!) not being around for long periods even. People get busy. Life is messy and time consuming. ;) I say blog however you feel comfortable. It should be fun and not an obligation. :):)

  18. Janie, you have to do what works for you.

    I have 2 blogs and I'm only posting on each once a week. It is working for me. I will be participating in the A to Z Challenge in April, which is blogging every day of the month, except Sundays. Once that is over, I'll go back to my once a week postings on each blog.

  19. When I comment, I never expect a response. A response is fun, but certainly not required! As I'm sure you're aware, I've spent the last couple of months seriously neglecting my blog, and my friends' blogs as well. It's never anything personal when I don't visit. I just get out of the whole interwebs life for a while...but when I come back, I realize how much I've missed my blogging friends. It's hard to keep up! You do what makes Janie Junebug happy. As long as you still visit me.



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