Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

A few days after Christmas, a text exchange with one of my favorite nephews (they're all my favorites, except one) made me happy. His mom, my sister-in-law, has dementia and now lives in a care home. She has always been very thin. Her already-small appetite pretty much disappeared when she learned her diagnosis.

From my past work in the nursing home, I know that many people will continue to eat sweets, even if they've given up on everything else. As long as they don't have diabetes, they might as well enjoy their treats.

So I used 1-800-BASKETS to send a few goodies to my sister-in-law. My nephew texted me that when he left her on Christmas Day, she was happily munching on some chocolate popcorn. That made me so happy.

Then my nephew texted that I am his favorite auntie. I replied, No I'm not. I'm not rich enough.

He wrote, Well, I do need a dumpster for my mom's house from Auntie L____, but you are my funniest and most intellectual auntie.

Does a better compliment exist? Happy, happy, happy.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug


  1. How sweet of you! :)
    I've been watching the "24 Hours of Happy" some almost every day since I found it on New Years. You just can't listen to it and be sad, right? And I often dance along a little bit, too. :)

  2. Hello, dear Janie Junebug!

    I'd give anything to be somebody's favorite auntie but I don't see it happening any time soon. I agree. "Funniest" and "most intellectual" are the highest compliments I can think of. Let me rephrase that. They are the highest compliments of which I can think. Skip it. Go back to the way I wrote it first. I mean, go back to the manner in which I first wrote it.

    No one has ever accused me of being intellectual...or, for that matter... funny.

    Happy Wednesday to you, dear friend Janie Junebug!

  3. Nope. There is no better compliment.
    That youngun' loves his auntie.


  4. I can see why you'd be filled with happiness. What a great compliment.

  5. You can be my favorite aunt...just get my grandma to adopt you.

    I love this song and I can't stop thinking about Pharrell dancing and boppin' in this video.

    I've mentioned him twice on my blog and neither post was about this song. What was I thinking:
    my favorite:

    Which also reminds me to say my blog became much more fun after you and Shady arrived.

  6. Pharrell is really a talented guy. I've enjoyed him on The Voice. This is a great song to show how happy you are with your nephew's compliment. Makes you want to sing along, for sure!

  7. Does the "except one" nephew read your blog? ;)

  8. You put me in mind of my father's last Christmas. A neighbor stopped with a box of candied fruit. My father reached for them as she presented the box, and as Christmas swirled around him he methodically munched through the entire box of fifty or so. At one point I looked a my mom, questioningly, and she smiled and said "No, let him enjoy them." Good for you, sending candy.

  9. "Does a better compliment exist?" No. Love the song - glad the nephew's words made you happy!!!

  10. This post (& the video) makes me happy!!

  11. Singing along is all fine and well until you have to back track two miles because you were jamming out in the car and forgot to pick up the kids. True story. :)

    It's nice to be told you're the favorite... None of us are told that enough... ever.

  12. Nice to be told you are the favourite it makes one feel good and we all like to hear that our gift is being enjoyed

  13. Funny and intellectual are just as good, if not better than favorite.

  14. Aw, that's cute :) He's now my favourite nephew too.

  15. "they're all my favorites, except one."




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