Friday, June 22, 2012


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Since I haven't seen any interesting movies this week, I'm extremely grateful to have a question from Adorable Princess Maggie at Padded Cell Confessions.

Maggie asks, What position do you usually sleep in?

Oops. Sorry. While I was thinking about the question, I fell asleep.

Here are some possibilities:
I wish I had a photo of myself sleeping, so I could show you the money -- no, wait, that's a movie -- but I don't have a photo so I'll try to describe the position. Imagine a woman with her head hanging off the foot of the bed, her mouth hanging open, eyes closed, drool running out of the open mouth, and you can tell she's snoring.


I almost always sleep on my left side on the left side of the bed. I have two pillows under my head, and one pillow between my knees to avoid back pain. I sleep close to the edge of the bed so Harper and Scout have plenty of room. I wish Franklin would join us, but he prefers a doggie bed on the floor. My very most favorite thing is when Harper falls asleep with his back pressed against mine. It's Heaven. He's so soft and cuddly. Scout usually ends up curled around my golden tresses on the pillow. 

I wish I could tell you I sleep in the arms of a man who completes me, who is the peas to my carrots, the Forrest to my Jenny, the Tracy to my Hepburn, the Johnny Depp to Lola and me, but I don't. Maybe someday. If I can get my snoring under control.


Thank you for your question, Maggie. I hope I answered to your satisfaction.

Excuse me. I think it's time for a nap.

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug


  1. Wouldn't it be nice to say - we all sleep in the arms of the man we love.... Me, - I have pillows under my head, arms, knees.

  2. Heck, I wish I could say I sleep in the arms of my man but we can't seem to find the romance and comfort when it means breathing night breath all over each other and then we create too much body heat and sweat up a storm (and not in a fun way!). I'm with you though on back to back. Both of us are side sleepers and I just can't sleep on my back or stomach. I also do the pillow between my knees but I end up finding on the floor next to my (left) side of the bed in the morning.

    1. Dr. X could sweat like nobody else. We could never cuddle.

  3. You'll find someone who won't care about your snoring.

    1. Yeah, some nice homeless person probably won't mind. And when I wake up my jewelry will be gone.

  4. I'm similar, except one pillow for my head, not two. And, if she's in the mood, Karma will come and plop herself up against my arm tucked by my pillow and use the headboard for her pillow...but only when I am on my left side (which is how I always start out) and only the first time. I am always up at night (pain) and each time I am up I flip over to the opposite a big pain pancake, I'm done by morning. LOL! ;)

  5. Now that just made me sleepy.
    I miss my old kitty who used to always sleep on next to my left side...sigh.
    I sleep best with well that I can actually fall asleep with my head on his chest...and get this! He doesn't mind if I drool or snore...yet.

  6. I sleep on my right side, and Tony does as well. Well, actually he sleeps every where he's tired... the couch, the kitchen chair, his car, the work break room, on his back... until I wake him up and tell him to either go to bed or roll on his right side.

    He doesn't snore on his right side. It's a weird thing, but that nugget of useful information has totally saved my sanity.

  7. I LOVE your blog when you set yourself free to be you. I sleep on my left side with an extra firm, extra non-squishy pillow and another one that's long enough to fit between my knees and get hugged. I don't move, which explains all the aches and pains in the morning.

    Stud faces the opposite way. When he has attempted to spoon in the past and he falls asleep, I'm trapped beneath his suddenly 900 pound arm. So that's a 'no go'.

    We bought a king sized bed for our prior dog who loved to scoot up against my back. His breathing would put me instantly asleep. I felt SO cuddled without being suffocated.

    Now, there's room for two between us since Beau is afraid of heights and threatens to jump off when I try to get him to stay in the bed.

    Which leaves Beau free to roam into the bedroom and whine, insisting that one of us come into the living room with him to ease his loneliness.

    This happens at exactly 3am and I always wake up alone to find Joe and Beau cuddled on the couch.

  8. Dear Janie, thanks so much for the Billie Holiday video. Her voice is so rooted in experience that it makes me realize the depth of humanity in each of us.

    As to sleeping, I sleep on both sides and the cats get on and off the bed throughout the night. They keep secret from me what they do during those dark hours. The truth is they have secret lives and I know them only during my waking hours.

    When I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder/arm two years ago, I couldn't sleep on my right side for more than a year. And that's the side I always go to sleep on. So that was difficult, but turning on that side was so uncomfortable--let's be truth, it was downright painful--that I quickly adjusted to sleeping on my left side and so I'm now able to sleep on both sides. Peace.

    1. Isn't it amazing how pain can change the tiniest details of our lives? Do you ever want to set up a camera to find out what the cats do when you're asleep? I'd love to know what my boys do when I go out. Do they nap? Do they play? Do they stand at the front door and windows to wait for Mom? Happily, they don't destroy anything when I'm gone.

  9. lol I sleep on my right side in the fetal position with ONE pillow under my head and a fairly flat one at that and one giant pillow between my knees. Phil usually hugs me then moves across the bed because he swears the fires of hell are burning through my body as I sleep. Oddly enough I'm always cold. Go figure.

    1. I always felt cold when I was thin. Putting on pounds warmed me up. Maybe Phil is the one with the fires of hell burning through HIM, but he claims it comes from you. : )


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