Friday, June 15, 2012


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Juli at has a question for me: What is the most positive thing that has come from your divorce?

I bet you have some interesting answers to this question, Juli. I hope you write a post on this topic.

This post is also for b., who probably won't read it anyway.

The most positive thing that has come from my divorce is that I am me. I know I am me. No one tries to force me to be something or someone I am not. The strength to be myself grows constantly.

I am Gaea and Cassandra and Heracles and Nike and Athena.

I can love the poet Sharon Doubiago, and she will not be taken from me and held up as if she is a trophy to own. I can love all my blogger friends, and you will not be taken from me as if I have no right to your friendship.

It's all right if I'm not perfect. I am good enough as I am, yet I can enjoy striving to be better.

I am  a ducky. I know people who would fight for me.

I am as sleek as a small cat and as beautiful as a big dog.

I am a volcano in Iceland.

I am the shore, waiting to welcome you. Please drift into me.

Infinities of love,

Janie Lola


  1. its good to be yourself and the sense of freedom that comes with it.

  2. I. Love. This.

    Funny how that life changing event that often gets lost in so much shock and sorrow, can yield such beautiful thing, yes?

    And interestingly enough, my changes since my divorce is exactly what I had wanted tow rite a book about. Fiction of course, with my own personal spin, but in the end.... that's it in a nutshell. :)

  3. Awesome. Sounds like a pretty rockin positive to me.

  4. I've got goosebumps! That is a beautiful answer because it is all about beautiful you. I love the person you are and who I also see growing into. It breaks my heart to think that you didn't get to live always as you but everything is for a reason and I'm just glad I get to be here with you now. :)

  5. After all the horror and gut wrenching situations my divorce produced for me, I became a woman who will NEVER, EVER allow another person to push, pull, or force me to be anything other than MYSELF. I discovered what I'm made of and I AM STEEL.

  6. You're a ducky, too? BEAUTIFULLY DONE POST!!

  7. You have every right to our friendship, as we do to yours.

  8. This was beautiful! There are relationships that are toxic (I have personal knowledge) and it is a wonderful thing to think enough of yourself to get free of them. I am so happy for you! :):)

  9. This is one of my favorites of yours. Beautiful. The last line was my favorite. Thank you for always being so open.


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