Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Gentle Readers . . .  and Maxwell,

The Frisky Virgin has once again honored me with an award. If you aren't following Frisky yet, you should because she's a real sweetie.

You read that right.
My blog is lovely. 

This award comes with some conditions. These are the rules:

Link back to the person who gave you the award (already completed)
Complete the form below
Tell seven random things about yourself
Nominate 9 bloggers


Name your favorite color
It depends. I prefer various shades of blue when I decorate a house. I like to wear red.
Name your favorite song
Why Don't We Do It In The Road

Name your favorite dessert
Frosted sugar cookies.
What pisses you off?
People who cheat on their spouses.
When you are upset you 
I sometimes cry, fret, bitch, and worry, and then I get over it. 
Your favorite pet
Faulkner, my smooth collie who died last year.
 Black or white?
Definitely black. I look wicked good in black.    

Everyday attitude
I'm the most cheerful depressed person I know. 

Your best feature
I'm tired of bragging about my bodacious ta-tas. I guess I'll say I have nice feet. 
Guilty pleasure
Blogging when I should be accomplishing other things.

Now I'm supposed to tell you seven random things about myself:
  1. I didn't bring my white teddy bear with me when I moved. It was stupid because I still miss him.
  2. When I was about 16 my mother told me I would never be able to hold down a job. It still haunts me, yet it's kind of funny because I've had some very tough jobs with deadlines to meet (newspaper reporter and editor) and I've been responsible for keeping people alive (healthcare).
  3. I didn't major in journalism or healthcare and had no interest in working in either area.
  4. I wear glasses and can't see a thing without them.
  5. I'm pretty competitive and rather jealous of some people who accomplish shit I want to do.
  6. I am a lot like Charlotte on Sex and the City, but I want to be Samantha.
  7. I wanna get laid, but I won't hook up with somebody I don't know.
Now, the fun part. I am supposed to pass on this award to nine other bloggers:
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  2. Absorbing what I can
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  7. intriguedbeing
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  9. Interwebs Fails
  10. And a bonus baby -- 10. Atley 
    Well, I'm afraid that's all the bloggy love I can handle for today. Thank you again to America's Friskiest Virgin. As for you nine bloggers who are now receiving the award, get yours ASAP. They're cluttering up my immaculate house. Congratulations!

    Infinities of love,


  1. Congrats Lola I think your blog is really nice! gloria

  2. You responsbile for keeping people alive, that is scary..hahaha..j/k

    congrats on being a pimp for other blogs, whoops meant the award..hahahaha

  3. Loved the line about being the most cheerful depressed person. It is quite a talent to achieve that facade...I know.
    I love iced cookies (the hard icing)...yum!

  4. I'm with Steph that line was awesome! lol I feel that way most times too. Have a great day miss thing. I'm guessing the I want to get laid part is in your immediate future. No worries. Bate and retreat my friend. Bate and retreat.

  5. Thanks very very much Lola.

    I will come back later and check out the others, I know this is a cop out but if it's ok with you I'll add it to my award page but not do the 'conditions' yet, as I recently did this for another award. I will pass it on but not just yet :)

  6. I have yet to recieve a reward for my great work.haha. But congrats on your good work!

  7. I need to include your oxymoron on my ever-growing list. Of course, I will give you your props.

  8. I'm sorry about your collie.

    P. S. I need to watch Sex and the City. I've heard it's awesome.

  9. Interesting information. (:

  10. lolwut? Haha.
    Thanks for choosing me. :D

  11. I agree with STEPH & CRAZINESS--"the most cheerful depressed person" is the most clever line I've seen on a blog in a long time!

  12. Gloria, Thank you.

    Pat, People don't die when I'm around. It's a rare talent.

    Stephanie, My local bakery does hard icing with soft icing on the top. Yum! If one of the decorators brought out a pastry bag with the icing in it, I would open my mouth and beg him to let me have it. I know that sounds naughty, but I really just want that icing.

    Melynda, Stop being so hilarious. I can't take it.

    dirtycowgirl, You should do whatever you want baby. If you want to totally ignore it, no prob.

    Atley, You can have the award if you want it. I don't have to limit it to nine people. Therefore, you are a wiener.

    Queen Bee, Why thank you. I love royalty.

    Elisa, Thank you. I love the dogs I have now, but no one can ever replace Faulkner. The best part of Sex and the City is the relationship between the four women. They create a family for themselves.

    My 2 Pesos, I need to come up with something to say to you other than Muchas gracias, amigo.

    Interwebs, You are most welcome.

    fishducky, That's one of my favorite lines. I've been using it for years.

  13. :) Love your answers to everything!

    ~Frosted Sugar cookies remind me of Christmas! Love them!

    ~Love your everyday attitude.

    ~I thought I lost my white teddy bear when we moved when I was little, but found him hiding under blankets. Stinker. lol


  14. Congratulations on the award. And thanks for not nominating me. I have my own award to give out to one blogger at a time.

  15. Frisky, I'm glad your bear came back to you. My teddy is gone for good.

    Yes, Mr. Fox, I know exactly what you do.

  16. That could be taken several ways...

  17. Ignore it ??


    It's an award for fuck sake and I can never get enough food for my ego. I just think my readers might get a bit fed up with it lol.
    So for now it's on the page and I'll pass it on in a week or so.

  18. Coffeypot, Yes, I know you. And your point is?

    dirtycowgirl, I know how you feel. I am an attention whore. Some people, however, don't want awards and I won't force them on people.


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