Sunday, November 20, 2011


A photographer had the privilege to capture this special moment. It should remind us the love of Jesus Christ for us.
By looking at such a darling photo our minds should remember the messages given to each of us in the following Psalm verses:
 Psalm 91:4  He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; His faithful promises are your armor and protection. 
Psalm 46:1. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
Un fotógrafo tuvo el privilegio de capturar este momento tan especial. Como una foto tan dulce nos recuerda el AMOR en Cristo Jesús.
Sólo hay que contemplar tan tremenda foto y lo que nos comunica a cada uno de nosotros en particular, como lo mencionan los versículos de los siguientes salmos:

Salmos 91:4   El te cubrirá con sus plumas y bajo sus alas hallarás refugio. ¡Su verdad será tu escudo y tu baluarte!
Salmos 46:1 Dios es nuestro amparo y nuestra fortaleza, nuestra ayuda segura en momentos de angustia.


  1. This pix is just so beautiful ! As a kid when I memorized psalm 91:4 as one of my memory verses, I could never imagine it. But now I see it in this pix :)

  2. Interesting post!

  3. Oh this is really cute how a parent whether human or animal tries to protect their young.

  4. Jaya, Isn't it wonderful when you can visualize love?

    GT, Thank you!

    PAPS, Yes, we all try to protect our babies.

  5. That is an amazing picture.

    Makes me think of the expression "taking you under my wing", I just didn't realise it could be quite so literal :)

  6. Wonderful shot, making sure her babies don't get caught, but some naughty cat, like some furry rat.

  7. what an inspiring photo. terrific post.

  8. ¡Hermosa fotografia!

  9. Best photo I've seen recently. (:

  10. dirtycowgirl, Can't you imagine keeping your babies safe in the same way?

    Stephanie, I think it's cool because we can see the detail.

    fishducky, Glad you and dirtycowgirl think alike.

    Pat, Cat or Dog v. Bird
    You know who loses.

    Ed, A friend emailed it to me.

    Coffeypot, Couldn't get to your blog earlier today. I hope you're up and running again.

    My 2 Pesos, Gracias, lo aprecio mucho.

    Interwebs, I think so too.

  11. I love the way God works. He has made this a big theme for the past week so I am getting goosebumps seeing it here too.

  12. Normally I am afraid of birds, but he/she is gorgeous. You're right in your message to us all. :)


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