Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

My oldest sister left for The Big Time before the rest of us moved to the bustling metropolis of Topeka, Kansas. Oldest moved to Kansas City.

However, once she was settled in her home, she discovered the strangest form of discrimination. Some people's windows had signs in them that said Black Mother. Oldest was quite shocked.

It wasn't as bad as the klan burning a cross in the yard, but, still, she was appalled. Why would a city point out where black mothers live?

Then one day she put on her glasses.

The sign said Block Mother. A block mother was a person who agreed to help any child in trouble who couldn't get to his parents. Oldest felt quite relieved.

When we made our big move to Topeka, we had a Block Mother across the street from us.

She was not black.

I think the Block Mother program was phased out by about 1972 because moms were in the work force. They couldn't stay at home doing nothing except taking care of the neighborhood brats.

I think it's kind of sad that we don't have Block Parents now, who would at least be available to assist children when they could.

But the people who volunteered would probably be pedophiles.

And that's all the news that is news.

I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not.

Infinities of love,



  1. Ah this sort of confusing what signs say happens to me quite a bit.

  2. I agree. It is a shame! I'm with JDC I do the same thing all the freakin time!

  3. In Canada, the organization is called Block Parents (not Black Parents!) and is still going strong. Of course, you need a security check to volunteer. I often wonder about these police checks. What good are they if you’ve managed to avoid arrest for your nefarious activities?

  4. That was fun. Entertaining and informative. Interesting how ingrained in the old "dad works, mom does housework) lifestyle society was. Enough to cause them to create things like this to cope with the4 relatively new phenomenon of working moms.

    That comment would have made more sense if I'd had a full cup of coffee yet.

  5. Ahhh...the days of coming home to a house with fresh baked cookies! I loved when my mom was a stay at home!

  6. Yeah the pedophiles would have a field day, well you can be Chevy Chase and stay on that funny farm!

  7. I think that the mind sees what it wants to see. Back in the day (BJ – Before Judy) I had my own house and had a pretty long drive to work. I passed the place on the way with a sign that I thought said Computer Repair. Yep! For a year or more I saw the Computer Repair sign every morning and evening. Then one day I ask myself, “Precious, why does a computer repair shop never have any cars in the lot and why is it in a big, old building?” So I finally look AT the damn thing and it read Cabinet Repair. We don’t have a Block Mom per say, but we do have a Neighborhood Watch team. But they, I don’t participate, carry guns or anything.

  8. JDC, What I think a sign says is usually far more interesting than what it really says.

    Melynda, You have an excuse.

    Beth, Some people get away with murder, but I think Canadians are more civilized than Americans.

    Mr. Fox, Please drink coffee before commenting.

    Stephanie, I was disappointed when I was in third grade and my mom got a job. But she quit a few later and by the time I was in high school I wished she were out of the house more.

    Pat, Do sex offenders have to register in Canada and stay a certain distance away from places where children gather?

    Coffey, Computer repair, cabinet repair, what's the difference?

  9. 1. I've had my coffee now.

    2. I'm going to apply for a job as a computer cabinet repairman.

  10. Pardon me. My reply to Stephanie should have said my mom quit her job a few YEARS later. Yikes! I hate it when I leave out an entire word. Mr. Fox, you know I don't drink coffee, but please find some caffeine for me. And best wishes with the cabuter compinet repair job.

  11. Doesn't chocolate contain some caffeine? I could set you up with some of that...

  12. LMFAO!!!! That is the funniest thing I've heard all day. Good thing for those glasses. She might have moved in disgust of the discrimination. hahahahaha

  13. I've read things or heard things wrong so many times. This is hilarious :0)

  14. I'm relieved to see this sort of thing also happens to other, normal people. (Of course, MY definition of "normal" may be a little skewed.

    One day I was driving through a parking lot that was behind a market & a gas station. I assume the market was having a sale on fruit & had posted a sign. I must have transposed that in my mind with the sign at the gas station--MECHANIC ON DUTY--because I read it as NECTARINE ON DUTY. Even I was confused by that.

  15. I am so glad you got rid of that annoying amazon thing at the top.
    And they slow page loading down so much too.

    I love that idea, block mothers - would never catch on here though.
    But I don't just read things wrong sometimes I type out a completely different word to the one I mean to.

  16. Totally a shame. You should see the signs I see in NYC.

  17. I was thinking that exact thing about pedophiles when reading this! It's so sad - those people who prey on the children at risk are what hell was made for.

  18. Mr. Fox, I'm trying to lose weight. I consume very little chocolate these days, but thank you for the offer.

    Ms. Fun, Glad you enjoyed it. I guess if she had moved she would have found discrimination everywhere she went until she read the signs correctly.

    Elisa, I have the same problem and I have the same bad eyesight as my sister.

    fishducky, That is SO funny.

    dirtycowgirl, I'm glad I got rid of that annoying amazon thing too. And I also type words completely different from what I want. I think it's because my brain moves on to other subjects while my fingers are typing the previous subject.

    Copyboy, I'm sure you've seen it all, darlin'.

    Nicki, And people tend to think problems with pedophiles just sprang up all of a sudden, when kids have been molested for years and years and no one talked about it.

  19. sounds like a good concept. don't think we have such a thing here.

  20. We don't have that thing here.

  21. lol
    Always wear your glasses.

  22. Jaya, The concept was good. It would frighten people now to think their kids would feel free to step up to any house that said Block Mother and think it was safe. It frightens me.

    My 2 Pesos, It's o.k. We don't have it here anymore either.

    Interwebs, I wear my glasses. I'm pretty much blind without them, but for some reason, my oldest sister still thinks she can get along without hers. Trust me: She can't.


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