Thursday, October 14, 2010


She was a single parent for a long time so she knows how to be careful with a dollar, yet she's unflinchingly generous.

She has firm beliefs, yet she listens to other opinions.

She is conservative, yet she's liberal.

She speaks her mind, yet she does not lecture.

She loves kitties, yet she's sweet to dogs.

She is serious, yet she makes me laugh so hard I nearly fall out of my chair and lose the ability to speak.

She plays instruments as if she is an angel, yet she is an earth-bound creature.

She is strict, yet she is patient.

She is tough, yet she can be hurt.

She makes learning fun, yet the fun never gets in the way of the learning.

She suffers pain of her own, yet she always cheers me up.

She is extremely busy, yet she always has time.

She is a godly woman, yet she is not a prude.

She is a person of rare devotion, both to God and her friends.

She is a person of rare tolerance.

She has no other gods before our God.

She loves her children.

She honors her parents.

She would not kill or injure, in deed or with words.

If she utters a falsehood, it is to save someone else's feelings, not to protect herself.

Why has God given me this amazing person as my friend of more than 25 years? What did I ever do to deserve this? Nothing, of course, just as I have done nothing to deserve the death of Jesus on the cross for me.

She is a little older than I am - O.K. she is several years older than I am, and I fear He will take her before me.

But I know that in His goodness, that if He takes her first, He will take a bit of me and send me with her because He knows, in all His glory and enlightenment and omnipotence, that I cannot be left alone on Earth without her. She is my partner in crime, yet she is my partner in all that is good and holy.

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