Sunday, October 17, 2010


Gentle Readers,

Do you ever order a movie from Netflix and sit down to watch it and realize within the first five, or even two minutes that you've seen it before?

I have done this twice in the past month, and I am quite annoyed with myself.

The first time it worked out fine though. I got this movie called The Family Man, starring Nicolas Cage, and then realized I had seen it on TV last Christmas.

I didn't think much of it on television, but uncut as a movie, I quite liked it. The uncut version includes Tea Leoni dancing around naked in the shower, but you just see her through the door, which is not clear glass. However, I think a naked dancing Tea is a thing to be admired.

But now I have 84 Charing Cross Road, starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins. This movie is fairly old and I realized when I read the description on the little envelope the movie comes in, Ah yes, I saw this years ago before there was a Netflix.

I recall that this movie was quite good, so I'll probably enjoy it again; but I annoy myself with my inability to remember all the movies I've seen. Instead of watching somewhat enjoyable movies again I should move onward ever onward and always watch something new.

Well, back to 84 Charing Cross Road, which appears to be based on a book (I did not know that, so I have learned something new. Plus, I now watch movies with the subtitles because I got sick of not being able to understand what the characters say. I am a victim of old age so DVDs from Netflix are definitely an improvement over the old tapes or actually, gasp!, watching on TV).


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