Friday, October 1, 2010


Gentle Readers,

I have made my way through two more of Joyce Carol Oates' tomes (I think tome is the appropriate word here because it sounds weighty to me and she tends to write pretty long books so they're a bit heavy and unwieldy when I rest them on my chest while reading in bed, which I love to do), and I pronounce both books worthy.

First, I read The Gravedigger's Daughter, which I found difficult to put down.

Then I read My Sister, My Love, which I found even more difficult to put down.

It's based on the Jonbenet Ramsey case in some of its twists and turns, and that's all I will tell you about it. Just read it, and absolutely no skipping ahead. Allow it to unfold as it should and I think you'll be quite surprised by the conclusion and don't go getting Mummy confused with Patsy Ramsey. Just because the book is based on the Ramsey family that doesn't mean you should take everything it says as fact. I know you won't do that, Gentle Readers, but I feel I must post a warning in case someone drops by the message center and thinks Oh this book is about Jonbenet Ramsey. I quite often see people confuse reality with fantasy. In fact, for 30 years I lived with someone who did that and it was no fricking fun.

Anyway, stylistically, I think My Sister, My Love is Oates' best novel to date. That woman has written 35 novels, that I know of, and I can't get past the first six chapters of mine.

Maybe I should serialize my novel on my message center and if I had the world (hahahahahaha) looking forward to the next post, it would pressure me to write so I wouldn't disappoint you, World.

Ah, I can see it now. I shall be famous for blogging an entire novel.


Infinities of love,


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