Wednesday, October 6, 2010


And itchy. Gentle Readers, I am so tired and itchy. This has been the week from Hell (I'll explain more on another day), and my skin likes to reflect my feelings.

I am itchy on my toes
Itchy up my legs
Itchy down my back
And all over my hairy . . .

Finish it yourself. I'm too tired.

Just love today, not infinities,



  1. Hey, thanks for stopping in and the kind words on my blog. I'm so glad you blog "just for me." :D I very much enjoy your stories, poems, thoughts, & perspectives. And I love your "voice."

    I'm glad you are less depressed.

    And I'm totally ok with it if you want to cut back on blogging to just a couple of times per week. That's about all the commenting I can manage anyway. Just don't stop. I'll miss you too much!

    I haven't done a "Friday Feature" in a while. I think I'll feature you this Friday. Maybe you'll get a new reader or two. But then you have to promise to keep blogging for a while. I hate when my posts end up with "dead links" in them.

  2. And, to finish your poem (badly):

    ... my hairy big nose

    Heck, I am itchy IN my nose
    I've itchy underarms
    And I'm itchy near my bum!
    (Are you sorry for my itchy woes?)

  3. First, I would rather die than be a dead link on your blog. Second, you're a poet and you know it. hahahahaha



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