Saturday, December 31, 2022


 Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

Last week I spoke with my very dear friend from high school. Sadly, her brother died, much too young. I also knew him in high school, although not well. He was a member of our school's elite singing group. He was never anything other than pleasant and kind. 

He later married a good friend of his sister's, whom I also knew. Now she's a widow. They have children and grandchildren who will miss him.

He had continued to be involved in music as an adult and volunteered at his church's food pantry. 

It's a terrible loss for my friend, and for their mother, who is 88. 

I didn't know what to do, so I lit a candle in his memory.

Every evening since I learned of his death, I've lit candles in the front window of my house.


Tomorrow night I'll light candles for all the dear lost ones of 2022. 

I wish you all well for 2023. 

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug


  1. Candles are part of every religion on Earth and I guess have been adopted by secular people too. Seems like a fitting tribute to me.

  2. The candles don’t change things but they do make a connection that’s very meaningful. Such sad news.

  3. A touching and meaningful ritual, Janie!

  4. The candles are a nice tribute. It's always shocking when something like that happens.

  5. Any time to die young is sad but at this time of year it seems especially so. What a lovely idea to light candles.

  6. I like that idea of lighting the candles for the souls lost.

  7. What a lovely way to remember people. Sadly, some windows will be blazing. Here's to a more hopeful year.

  8. It is a tough time for those who have lost loved ones. I am sure your friend is appreciative for you remembering and honoring her brother's memory. God bless you and your thoughtfulness. x

  9. Small, personal tributes like yours are the best, I think. May his loved ones find comfort and peace in the new year.

  10. And you my condolences for your friend too! I like the idea of the candle lighting for the memory of loved ones. Happy New Year Janie.

  11. That's a lovely gesture, Janie. These small, personal acts of kindness mean a lot.


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