Monday, September 25, 2017


Before we get into today's subject, please remember that tomorrow we have a TIP TUESDAY post by The Silver Fox (who blogs from The Lair of the Silver Fox) with his suggestions for writing good dialog. His characters are such smooth talkers that they could charm me right out of my pant . . . never mind. But I know you won't want to miss his post, which will be on his blog and mine.  

Gentle Readers . . . and Maxwell,

As you might recall, I was without electricity for a little while and without the internet for a longer while after Hurricane Irma blew through town.

When my internet returned, it took quite a while for me to get through all my emails. Last week I discovered quite the interesting email in my inbox at my other email address––the one I use when I'm not Janie Junebug. It had arrived the day after the storm.

You also might recall that I've been job hunting. What I don't think I've mentioned is that I use to search for jobs. My financial adviser recommended indeed to me. One of his other clients used it to find a job.

Anyjob, here's the email I received:

Sas Institute near you is now hiring for a Freelance Content Writer/Editor. We are looking for a Content Writer/Editor, who will report directly to the Director of Marketing, to efficiently deliver high-quality website content that serves as compelling advertising copy while also leveraging proper SEO principles. The ideal candidate has a strong understanding of how to create informative copy within the confines of SEO principles and can edit content to meet quality and accuracy standards with the ultimate goal of providing accurate, informative and engaging content.

Duties may also include:

Check content for accuracy and errors.
Edit content for proper grammar and punctuation.
Edit content for clarity and readability.
Proofread, edit and review content for quality, value and uniqueness.
Review content to ensure effective SEO keyword density
Meet deadlines and Adhere to deadlines.
Write technical content, how-to articles, sales copy and blog posts based on research.
Brainstorm article topics for new & existing web projects.


Medical/Dental/Vision plans, and paid vacation and personal time off.
We pay you $48/hr.
Monday -Friday , Part time & Full time flexible hours daily.
You can even work remotely. forwarded us your contact email so if you feel you are qualified for this position, please submit a resume or portfolio to (I removed the link because you shouldn't click on it) to apply.  

Would you take the bait? I did. 

I emailed a beautiful cover letter, my outstanding résumé, and the Web address for my writing portfolio to "William George." 

I'll tell you what happened next after we've enjoyed TIP TUESDAY by The Silver Fox. In other words, to be continued . . . . 

Infinities of love,

Janie Junebug

Willy Dunne Wooters prays
that my leap at this job doesn't break my bones.


  1. Take the bait?? Oh no! It sounded perfect. Too good to be true??

  2. At least I know what phished and nibbled meant, phishing is a word Tim hasn't heard of

  3. Sigh.
    I am sorry. I got burnt last year, and these days am very, very careful.
    Some are easy to recognise as evil offspring of satan. Others are more clever.

  4. Well, this post made me remember I have an account on indeed. I just went there and deleted my profile. I forgot all about it. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story Janie.

  5. Well, the ad certainly sounds attractive and legit . . . .

  6. If I was looking for a job and someone wrote me with an offer like that, I'd certainly bite at it. Job boards like Indeed are a good idea, but I've found that there are too many bogus offers and, as you've learned, phishers looking at them for new victims. Were I looking for work now, I'd probably avoid them.

  7. Indeed, tell us soon how you fared. Hope all is well.

  8. I think I would have fallen for it!!

  9. Yep, definitely sounds too good to be true! Verrrrry tempting!

  10. That's a pretty convincing email. And to come from a recommended website . . . well, it's not hard to see how it could snare a person. Ugh.

  11. I wouldn't fall for it. I am a natural doubting Thomas on just about everything. And I've missed some good opportunities because of not replying back.

    Now, my husband would of fallen for it. Recently he fell for something and they hacked his checking account. Thankfully, he doesn't keep much in there!

  12. Okay, I'm hooked. This Salmon took the bait.

  13. I'll be tuning in because I'm curious what happened.

  14. It sounds pretty convincing. But since you asked "would you take the bait?", I'm wondering what went wrong...

  15. If you hadn't been looking for a job, I'm sure you would have never given it a second thought before deleting. Those creeps are clever.

  16. I'd like to believe there is a special place in hell for people who prey on others in this manner, but then I don't believe in hell. Everyone has to be so careful these days!

  17. Yep, I've taken the bait before. I used to apply for jobs online but realized they use your info in their own evil ways. I hope nothing bad happened to you, Janie.

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