Wednesday, December 19, 2012


To read the beginning of Angel's Kat, click HERE.

Kat grew older. Angel looked at pictures in her books while she read. He sat on Kat's lap when she watched television or talked to her parents. When Kat went to school, he waited patiently for her return. Then he rubbed against her hand, purring, always purring. Mama wondered if Angel might be Kat's guardian angel because he watched over her so carefully, never sleeping if he thought Kat needed him.

As Kat grew older, she also grew sadder. Once she had sung and played with Angel. Now she wept at the cruelty of the world. The other children at school were unkind, so unkind. Human touch brought pain to Kat, too. The children attacked her. They called her vile names, and a boy kicked her while the other children gathered around, laughing.

When Kat cried herself to sleep, Angel curled himself around Kat's head on her pillow, trying to comfort her. But Kat could not feel comfort. She sensed only pain. Mama and Daddy wanted to help, but they could not find a way. Nothing brought peace to Kat.

One night Kat felt particularly miserable. She fell into an exhausted sleep after her tears had finally passed. But during the night, she awoke to find Angel sitting on her chest. His golden eyes glowed. Kat saw love in Angel's eyes. She remembered the cruelty he had suffered. Somehow Angel had survived. He had not given up. And after his rescue, he had never refused solace. As Angel returned to his place on Kat's pillow, she allowed herself to feel his comforting touch.

Kat woke up in the morning, still feeling the glow of Angel's eyes on her face. She let the glow enter her heart. She felt ready to face the day.

Kat came home from school feeling sad, but not so sad that Angel couldn't comfort her. Every day, she took his glow to school with her.

And she survived. Kat grew older and found friends who were more like her. She met cruelty with strength. Although she didn't need Angel as much as she had in the past, he continued to sleep on her pillow. Mama would look in the door during the night and see Angel, his eyes wide open, still watching over Kat.

Angel continued to take care of Kat until he was sure she didn't need him anymore. After she went away to college, Angel tired of life. He was old. He was sick. He knew that Kat was all right, so when the angels came to take him to Heaven, he was glad to say farewell to the world and move on into the endlessly rocking cradle of God's sea.


  1. Excellent. Sniff.

  2. Thank you. I miss you, but I understand why you haven't been accepting comments.

  3. Lovely story, lovely cat! This was true, wasn't it?

  4. Such is the life of dogs and cats. They love unconditionally...well...cats may have some restrictions, but both will make anyone feel better. If the person will open their eyes and get their heads out of their asses.

  5. I'm a big softie for stories like this!

  6. Animals can teach us about unconditional love and the spirit of survival. This was a wonderful tale of truth! :):)

  7. I loved this so much. It gave me chills.

    1. I truly believe he was her guardian angel. I would check on her at night, and he was always awake. He stayed on the pillow, curled around her head. Somewhat strangely, he liked to chew on her hair.

  8. Beautiful! There was a stray a couple of months ago that latched onto me and my nextdoor neighbors. I couldn't take her in, but they did. She was so friendly and sweet and ready to be loved. Sadly she died a few days later. Life on the streets had not been kind to her. I cried with my neighbor when I heard the news...but I was thankful that her last few days were filled with love.


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